Mr Jim Latrache | Founder & CEO
Equal Learning | Denmark

Mr Jim Latrache, Founder & CEO, Equal Learning

Childhood and adolescent years were difficult for Latrache. Due to challenging personal circumstances, Latrache struggled with school from an early age and ended up in foster care. Having never properly learnt to read or write and being unsupported at such a critical time in his life, Latrache felt he didn't suit education, and that education didn't suit him.
With a lack of an education Latrache had a limited number of career options and an ultimatum from his wife; "get an education or I will leave you". Since then Latrache has never looked back.
Latrache began to read books and develop his basic literacy skills. When stumbling across a video by Sugata Mitra showing how fast underprivileged children were able to learn without a teacher and just by using the internet on a computer that Mitra set up in slum areas; Latrache was inspired to start using online educational videos. In 2013 Latrache received his high school diploma, he was then accepted to study Psychology at a Danish university. The entire process and personal struggle has led him down the path to help and inspire those who are underprivileged, less fortunate or living in areas with limited or challenging access to educational facilities.
Latrache has started working with schools in Denmark to help children find new ways of learning their curriculum instead of labelling them with 'learning difficulties'.  School systems are in need of different methods of teaching and learning in order to cater to today's child in whatever situation they may be in. 
With Equal Learning, Latrache aims to use digitised education as a rehabilitation tool in prisons, as a tool for new learning methods with children, and as an alternative access tool for children in war/crises affected societies.

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