Mr Fikri Akmal | Model Design Engineer, STEM Robotics Research & Development
CM Asia Learning | Malaysia

Mr Fikri Akmal, Model Design Engineer, STEM Robotics Research & Development, CM Asia Learning

Mr. Fikri Akmal has vast experience in building and programming educational robots across different platforms. He is currently holding the position of Model Design Engineer with STEM Robotics Research and Development from CM Asia Learning supporting robotics education across Asia. 

Akmal’s passion in building VEX robots started since 2014, and has been actively involved in designing robots in various different VEX platforms. In his tenure as a Robotics Design Engineer, he has gone through intensive Engineering Design Process to build advanced robots and also effectively taught K12 students in various schools in Malaysia.

Akmal graduated with a degree in Mechatronics Engineering with University Tenaga Nasional. 

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