Donavan Zegna | ICT Facilitator & Integrator
Australian International School Malaysia | Malaysia

Donavan Zegna, ICT Facilitator & Integrator, Australian International School Malaysia

Donavan’s background in computer science and work as System Administrator led him to consulting for an ‘outstanding’ ranked International School in Kuala Lumpur on Learning Management Systems. Soon after this he took a position as Head of ICT at the Australian International School Malaysia (AISM). As Head of ICT, Donavan evaluated current systems and worked on implementing necessary upgrades while creating a map for future improvements. However, his passion for learning and sharing knowledge quickly motivated him to create and take on a new role in AISM as ICT Facilitator & Integrator. Donavan now enjoys working closely with students and teachers at solving problems, communicating, and learning through the use of any and all technology available.

Donavan operates and evangelises these 3 ICT philosophies: Open-source: as it applies to software and to teaching resources. Being platform & device agnostic: because the ‘best solution’ is always changing. Growth mindset: because it allows learning rather than guilt to be the outcome of ‘mistakes’.

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