Edval Timetables


Edval Timetables educational scheduling company working with schools across all state and territories of Australia, Brunei, Ireland and the UK.
Our products grew initially out of a research project at Sydney University. Edval now has a team of passionate and committed timetabling consultants serving our schools.
We offer solutions for timetabling/scheduling, daily organisation, online subject selections, parent teacher evenings, attendance and welfare: a fully integrated suite of systems with seamless data flow.
At the centre of every school is its timetable. We believe that rigid timetable generation is an outdated method and one that results in higher running costs for schools. Requirements based timetabling is the new approach and Edval can deliver this through its powerful algorithms for block line generation, spread management, staffing allocations and rooming assignments. Our software will unlock opportunities you never thought possible in your schools and empower your timetable committee to explore more possibilities in how you structure your curriculum.
Our solution quality is unprecedented, with flexible tools for curriculum planning and structuring, data rich attendance and welfare systems with fully integrated daily changes, relief teachers, room swaps, excursion, events, behaviour monitoring and multi-channel communication.
We are the preferred timetable and daily management software provider for many school corporations and governing bodies such as 50% of NSW Government schools, South Australian CEO, Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation and more recently, the MOE of Brunei.
If you would like to know more, please call us on +61 2 8203 5455 or send us an enquiry email to sales@edval.com.au.