CHUNGDAHM Learning, Inc.


“Chungdahm Learning is a leading educational service provider from South Korea and the largest organization that caters to elementary and middle school learners. Our mission has always been to inspire, nurture and bolster the aspiring minds and character of tomorrow’s leaders during their formative years. 

Today, we have become an integrated educational solution provider by undergoing a full-fledged global transformation while integrating state-of-the-art learning philosophies and technologies.

Our unique content offering focuses on nurturing creative and critical thinking skills that are needed to thrive in the rapidly globalizing 21st century. Loudclass, our flagship learning solution, is an all-in-one smart classroom platform that creates a digital environment by combining content authoring, diverse media, real-time interactivity, and a robust learning management system. 

The result is a unique blend of adaptable curriculum and technology to truly improve the learning process.“