Hong Kong Computer Society


Founded in 1970, the Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS), with over 9,000 members hail from the entire spectrum of HK’s ICT community, is a well-recognised non-profit organisation focused on advancing the interests of Hong Kong's ICT profession and industry. The Society is committed to the following main goals:
  • Talent cultivation and professional development
  • Industry development and collaboration
  • The effective use of ICT in our community
The 25 Members of the HKCS Council, and the Honorary Council Advisers, are recognised leaders from major ICT vendors, academic institutions, and major corporations. One of its standing committees, the CIO Board, is composed of CIOs whose ICT related procurement accounts for about 70% of all ICT spending in HK. To promote ICT in Hong Kong, HKCS organises regular activities including conferences, seminars, workshops and visits on various subjects related to ICT.
With Talent Cultivation and Professional Development being our primary goal, the Society persistently encourages our youths to pursue ICT-related studies at our tertiary institutions and to take up ICT as a career through talks, exhibitions, ICT Career toolkit and Portal. Our 9 special interest groups (SIG) disseminate technical and application knowledge of topical interests to in-service professionals through forums and networking activities. The Society is the pioneer in launching ICT professional certification in HK, with six certifiable titles, three senior titles and three junior titles. To promote our ICT industry, HKCS organises an annual delegation from HK to compete in APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Awards).
For more information, please visit HKCS website: http://www.hkcs.org.hk