The exhibition, which runs alongside the conference, will be a showcase of the latest in aviation innovation. From large technology companies down to the latest Asian start ups.


You should sponsor Aviation Festival Asia 2020 because:

  • You see the opportunity in the region and the growth of the market
  • Your sales force is in need of high quality, decision making leads
  • You need to educate your market about the possibilities created by your product or service
  • You want to motivate senior business executives to grow their investment in technology and services

Does this sound familiar?

If you’re tired of splitting your budget and your time, across a wide array of events to cover your full marketplace offering.

If you’re tired of unproductive meetings with ‘influencers’ and ‘researchers’ when in fact you want to be face-to-face with the decision maker.

If you see the opportunity to engage with an event that showcases the heart of the aviation industry.

Then call Adam Ball  at +65 6322 2705.


Networking at Aviation Festival Asia

Networking at Aviation Festival Asia


We understand that you are confronted by a bewildering array of events, in Asia and around the world. We appreciate the difficulty that you face when deciding where to send your teams and spend your budget. But we are equally sure that, with the support of our sponsors, we will deliver an event that will be transformative for all involved.


Aviation Festival Asia will be the benchmark for doing business when it comes to technology and innovation. And you can be there with us.




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To sponsor or exhibit contact:
Adam Ball
Tel:   +65 6322 2705

To speak contact:
Roseanna Johnstone   
Tel:  +65 6322 2707