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Online - LIVE, 20 - 21 October 2020


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Oct 2010:00
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Panel: Blockchain – Addressing the implementation in the accounting profession

Digital Innovation
  • Permissioned blockchain characteristics and differentiation from permissionless blockchains
  • Future possible roles for auditors and attestation professionals in a blockchain driven environment
  • Potential cybersecurity and internal control risks linked to blockchain ledgers
Sean Stein Smith, Professor, Lehman College
Mark Eckerle, Manager, Withum
Oct 2010:00
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A&A Update for Non-Profit Entities

Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Advising your clients of new and forthcoming accounting updates
  • Items to focus on while performing current year audits
Alexander Buchholz, Partner, PKF O'Connor Davies
Oct 2010:00
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Audits & Collections

Part 1: Resolving Federal and NYS Audit & Collection Issues
  • A look at IRS Tax Collections processes
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the Collections Appeals Program
Part 2: Steps to ensure a bullet proof tax set-up in order to avoid audits & collection issues in the future
  • Understanding compliance regulations to assist your clients
  • Developing internal controls for regulatory compliance
Hana Boruchov, Founding Partner, Boruchov, Gabovich & Associates, P.C.
Leo Gabovich, Founding Partner, Boruchov, Gabovich & Associates, P.C.
Mark R. Basile, Esq., Law Professor - Touro Law Center & Owner, The Basile Law Firm P.C.
Oct 2011:00
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Panel: Optimizing Your Data to Increase Revenue

Digital Innovation
  • Qualify and quantify your datasets to ensure adequate resourcing
  • Sourcing solutions for meeting KPIs
  • Dark data: leveraging your unused data
Richard Scott, Finance Director, Dow Jones
Elyas Abowath, Director, FP&A, Levity Entertainment Group, LLC
Clarence Mitchell, VP Finance, TPx Communications
Dean Boyer, Director, Technology Services Group, Marks Paneth LLP
Oct 2011:00
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Panel: Impact of Quality Leadership on the Success of Your Firm

Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Implement processing that require further accountability from owners, partners, and lead management
  • Key skills for effective leadership
  • How to identifies leadership qualities in your people and encourage development for succession
Moderator: Daniel Hood, Editor-In-Chief, Accounting Today
Jody Grunden, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Summit CPA Group
Bob Goldfarb, Principal, Janover LLC
Andrea Parness, CPA Firm Owner & Certified Tax Coach, A Parness Co Cpa
Oct 2011:00
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TCJA - Taxing Questions for Tax Practitioners

  • Who exactly qualifies for the QBI deduction?
  • What do we tell our employer clients about the 2020 Form W-4?
  • Preparation changes of the Form 1040
  • Is an accountant's right to practice threatened by IRS attacks on the gig economy?
Timothy Dreyer, Consultant, Kaplan Financial Education
Oct 2012:00
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Reveal New Profit Opportunities with Innovative Software

Sponsored by Thomson Reuters
Oct 2013:00
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Keynote Panel: Embracing Disruption – how real value for clients comes from taking risks with technology

    How sole practitioners can learn ‘nimbleness’ from top 100 accounting firms – and vice versaIncorporating tech talent into your hiring criteriaGalvanize your entire firm behind the growth mission
Moderator: Ranica Arrowsmith, Technology Editor, Accounting Today
Jody Padar, Author, The Radical CPA & VP of Strategy, Botkeeper
Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, Global Technology & Finance Leader, Oracle
Anthony Pugliese, President & CEO, CalCPA
Oct 2014:00
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Creating Enduring Success for You and Your Clients

Digital Innovation
  • Challenges and opportunities to fuel the success of your clients and your firm as forward-looking service providers
  • Identify the environmental factors driving significant change in the tax and accounting profession.
  • Drive more effective results for your firm and your clients by leaning into trends and approaches from leading firms.
  • Leverage the right technology for your firm to drive automation, effective client collaboration, and overall firm management.
Jasen Stine, Tax & Education Leader, Intuit
Oct 2014:00
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Panel: Cannabis Taxation – Understanding the ins & outs of the niche

Dealing with state-to-state compliance & legalities What’s the risk to your firm? Assisting with your clients’ licensing issuesLegitimizing the markets & background checks
Michael Goral, National Cannabis And Hemp Tax Partner In Charge, Armanino LLP
Bruce Andersen, CEO, CannabisCPA.tax
Mary Amato, Partner, Cohnreznick
Oct 2015:00
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Tech in Transition

Digital Innovation
Part 1: The Simple Complexity of Automation and RPA
  • Understanding Automation and Robotic Process Automation
  • Best Practices for Implementation
  • Establish an innovation mindset using the “Clean your room” concept.
Sponsored by SagePart 2: Leveraging technology to develop a ‘best in class’ service organization
  • Managing and developing IT focused organization
  • Providing your IT team with the right tools to support your business
  • Implementing and encouraging professional skills and technical development
John Roman, Chief Information Officer, Bonadio Group
Rafael Casas, Sr. Accountant Advocate, Sage North America
Oct 2015:00
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LIVE Podcast: How Making Your Clients Profitable FIRST Will Drive More Business For YOU

Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Make your business more profitable by making your clients more profitable!
  • Helping your clients get paid more changes the way they value you forever
  • Hosts will share the secrets of profit consulting and how it can change your business for the better
  • You'll never look at a dollar the same way again!
Moderator: Michael Palmer, Chief Executive Officer, Pure Bookkeeping
Ean Murphy, Owner, Moxie Bookkeeping
Ron Saharyan, Managing Director, Profit First Professionals
Oct 2015:00
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Nuts & Bolts of Cryptocurrency Taxation

  • Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether are two trending topics in the fin-tech world. Yet, few business professionals can grasp the intricacies, opportunities and challenges posed by this new technology.
  • This session intends to give you a high-level, non-technological understanding of the history of blockchain/cryptocurrencies and the taxation of common blockchain related transactions.
  • This session also covers current developments surrounding this topic, such as Schedule 1, how to successfully navigate through tax notices (CP2000, Letter 6173, Letter 6174 & Letter 6174-A) and tax planning opportunities.
Shehan Chandrasekera, Head Of Strategy - Tax, CoinTracker
Oct 2016:00
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Client Data Management Cyber Risks & Fraud Protection

Digital Innovation
Part 1: Developing an internal controls program that works for firms of all types and sizes
  • A “toolkit” approach and focus on the top ten internal controls and why they are important for any company
  • Insight into the implementation of an internal controls program and how continuous monitoring can prevent fraud
  • How to develop remediation action plans when internal controls fail
Part 2: Minimizing Risk - Keeping your clients’ data secure
  • Protecting yourself from legal risk by protecting client data from cyber security threats
  • How to comply with GDPR and other privacy laws
Sponsored by Power Consulting
Christine Doxey, President, Doxey Inc
Chris Power, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Power Consulting Group
Oct 2016:00
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Creating a Profit Center

Accounting & Bookkeeping
Part 1: 7 Steps to Make Bookkeeping a Profit Center in Your Accounting Firm
  • Client Accounting Services: identifying value-add opportunities that come from bookkeeping
  • Understand how and why bookkeeping has become a must-have service for accounting firms
  • When key technology can be automated and what key technology you need
  • How to systematize your processes
  • -Strategies to price and market your services
Sponsored by Receipt BankPart 2: Increase revenue by expanding your service offerings
  • Adding value for and deriving additional revenue from existing clients
  • Implementing a referral program
  • Marketing your new services
  • Identifying technologies that are driving growth in these new service offerings
Jim Bourke, Partner & Managing Director of Advisory Services, WithumSmith+Brown
Kalliopi Vlastos, U.S. General Manager, Receipt Bank
Oct 2016:00
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Payroll Tax Challenges

Part 1: Payroll Tax Enforcement: Protecting your payroll from audits
  • How to ensure your processes, pay and benefits are compliant
  • Preparing for trust fund responsibility
  • Checks & balances necessary when choosing an outsourced automated payroll provider
Part 2: Avoid 7 Common Tax Mistakes When Your Client Employs a Nanny
  • Identify key issues like worker misclassification when a client hires someone to work in their home
  • Understand the nuances surrounding nanny taxes and payroll like Schedule H v. Form 941
  • Recognize and fix compliance problems to keep clients out of trouble with tax and labor agencies
  • Illustrate the advantages of legal pay for your clients and their employees
Sponsored by GTM Payroll Services
Noelle Geiger, Partner, Green & Sklarz LLC
Trevor Sparks, Marketing Manager, GTM Payroll Services
Oct 2017:00
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Evolving Your Firm Using Fintech

Digital Innovation
Part 1: Sponsored by Approval Max Part 2: How CPAs are Rethinking Status Quo Processes with Modern Fintech
  • Examine how forward-thinking CPAs are challenging the well-known and tired financial software ecosystem by turning to modern fintech
  • Learn how challenging the status quo with the latest financial technology can benefit both your firm and your clients, and what results CPAs look to accomplish by thinking outside the box
Sponsored by Divvy
Alex Bean, Co-Founder, Divvy
Oct 2017:00
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Lease Accounting

Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Solution suitable for multiple industries that fully integrates with your company’s ERP platforms
  • Ensure compliance with FASB ASC 840 and IFRS 16
Sponsored by LeaseAccelerator, Inc.
Oct 2017:00
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Retirement & Estate Tax Planning

The Secure Act: The top 10 highlights impacting retirement & estate planning
  • Examine the new rules involving IRAs & 401K plans
  • Steps small business owners can take to enact benefits of the new act
  • A briefing on effective dates
Part 2: Tax Potpouri
Andrew Torelli, Area Senior Vice President, Arthur J Gallagher Risk Management Services Inc
Avery Neumark, Partner, Marks Paneth LLP

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Oct 2110:00
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International Tax

Part 1: The tax implications of your clients’ international expansion
  • Understanding how to approach your clients cross-border activities
  • Recognizing if there is any impact on taxable income
  • Identifying when transfer pricing standard comes into play
Part 2: Global Transfer Pricing
  • Defining and understanding transfer pricing, what it is and how to recognize it
  • High level assessing of transfer pricing risks and opportunities
  • Learn how to utilize a 3 step approach to a global transfer pricing health check
Chaya Siegfried, Lead International Business Tax Services, WithumSmith+Brown
Marina Gentile, Lead, Global Transfer Pricing, WithumSmith+Brown
Oct 2110:00
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Panel: Robots in the House: Disrupting Treasury with RPA and AI

Treasury & Cash Management
  • Learn how RPA can be the automation launching pad for larger and broader projects and apply the force-multiplier effect for treasury, finance and other operational functions.
  • Learn how these tools can help you address your organization's Big Data and help cleanse it for AI-readiness.
  • Learn how AI can improve processes both operational and strategic in your organization.
Moderator: Seth Marlowe, SVP Strategist, Strategy Advisory Group, Wells Fargo Bank
Camille Felton, Senior Team Leader, Treasury, Chick Fil A Inc
Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner, Strategic Treasurer
Oct 2110:00
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Developing & Executing a Succession Plan

Practice Management
  • Determine what you want for the future of your practice
  • Identify and train leaders to ensure a successful future and transition
  • Considering M&A options and how to enhance value to prospective buyers
Andrea Parness, CPA Firm Owner & Certified Tax Coach, A Parness Co Cpa
Robert Brown, Owner, CPA, Robert N Brown Cpa
Oct 2111:00
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Panel: Payments – How are corporate treasury departments utilizing their banking relationships

Treasury & Cash Management
  • Examining payments and recording infrastructure interactions with your banking partners
  • How to integrate all core systems within the business and with banking partners to optimize the relationship
  • Working with banks to maximize yield, minimize counterparty risk and minimize currency impact on cash earned abroad
  • Modernizing payments processes with ISO migration – bringing new data components, improved transfer of information and increased visibility along the payments chain
Moderator: Michael Lenihan, President, TMXpert Group LLC
Allison Hughes, Senior Manager, Financial Management Advisory Services, Grant Thornton - USA
Christopher Acevedo, Managing Director, Grant Thornton - USA
Oct 2111:00
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Panel: The Value of Investing in Marketing and Why it is Critical to Your Business Development

Practice Management
  • Tools you need to set apart your brand and connect with potential clients
  • Creating an integrated and energized marketing and business development culture
  • Tips for creating content that works
Moderator: Jennifer Farrington, Founder & CEO, YourMarketer LLC
Sarah Cirelli, Head Of Marketing, Grassi
Bruce Ditman, Chief Marketing Officer, Marcum LLP
Oct 2112:00
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Keynote Panel: Thriving Post-Pandemic – How to nurture growth through robust technology

    Guarantee resiliency with cloud integrated workflows that can withstand radical change Navigating technological and organizational transitions for your business, personnel, and clients
Moderator: Kalliopi Vlastos, U.S. General Manager, Receipt Bank
Bruce Phillips, Managing Partner & Managing Director, Aprio Cloud
Oct 2112:30
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Keynote: The Leadership Shift - Leading in the Midst of Change

Implementing virtualization of staff management, client management, and selling Tailoring hiring criteria and offering dynamic incentives to retain staff and appeal to incoming talent in today’s competitive market Taking responsibility as a leader to create a people-first culture with emphasis on diversity and inclusion
Scharrell Jackson, Principal & Chief Operating Officer, BPM LLP
Oct 2113:00
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Financing - Things to consider when issuing debt in the capital markets

Treasury & Cash Management
  • Managing interest rate risk and currency risk
  • Rating agencies - starting early and developing a trusting relationship Marketing the deal - considering a road show with large buy side investors to gage apatite
  • Pricing - transparency and communication with management
Stephen Maire, SVP - Treasurer, News
Oct 2113:00
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Automating Processes for Improved Practice Efficiency & Workflows

Practice Management
Part 1: When – and when not to – automate your firm’s sales tax practice
  • Weighing the benefits and challenges of adding automated services to their practice
  • Key areas where technology can help
  • Measuring the potential impact of efficiency and scalability
  • How to take a low-risk approach for steady results
  • Quick wins in automation
Part 2: Sponsored by Auto Entry
Liz Armbruester, SVP, Global Compliance, Avalara
Sona Akmakjian, Sr. Director Global Accounting Strategic Partnerships, Avalara
Oct 2113:30
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Cross border cash management – keeping ahead of regulatory requirements

Treasury & Cash Management
  • Know your customer reports – what is really needed?
  • Storing cash: CDs vs time deposits vs Prime Money Market funds (MMFs) vs treasury money funds vs treasury bills
  • What to look out for in the future?
Ivan Troufanov, VP & Treasurer, Celonis
Oct 2114:00
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Panel: Crypto Tax Guidance Update: What does this mean for you and your digital asset clients

  • The need to provide clarity to preparers on the application of tax law to digital assets clients
  • What has and has not been addressed in the update
  • Selecting 3rd party service providers for digital asset accounting & how to evaluate digital asset pricing sources
Moderator: Shehan Chandrasekera, Head Of Strategy - Tax, CoinTracker
Ryan Dudley, Partner, International Tax Services, Friedman LLP
Erik Weinapple, Tax Senior Manager, Moss Adams
Adnan Islam, International Tax Partner And Co-Practice Leader, Friedman LLP
Oct 2114:00
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Outlook for the Economy in 2021

Treasury & Cash Management
  • Factors in the changing economic climate
  • How it might impact your business decisions
Dan North, Chief Economist, Euler Hermes
Oct 2114:00
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Prospering Beyond Times of Crisis

Practice Management
Part 1: Taking Care of Business: How my firm thrived during COVID-19 (And how yours can too!)
  • How accounting firms and small businesses alike can too by putting systems, processes, and tech in place.
  • The evaluation of systems and process needed to ensure business continuity.
  • Actions that you can take to improve your business health
Sponsored by Smart Vault Part 2: Growing Your Business in Times of Crisis by Improving Customer Service
  • Implementing new customer retention strategies
  • Examining tools to use for enhanced and secure client and internal communication
  • How to pivot your customers to a digital relationship and building their trust
Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE & Chief Executive Officer, Powerful Accounting
Oct 2115:30
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Panel Topic: Tax Implications of COVID-19

  • A look at the aftermath of extending the tax filing date for individuals and businesses
  • The complications of the tax landscape post-CARES Act and with other US tax provisions as a response to COVID-19
  • How can your business clients stay up to date on the changing sales tax legislation
  • How do we help our clients maximize cash flow to prevent future loss or increase in taxes?
Julia Klann, Partner, Eastern Canada Leader - US Corporate Tax, Grant Thornton
Scott Peterson, VP of US Tax Policy & Government Relations, Avalara
Oct 2115:30
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Funding for the Future

Treasury & Cash Management
  • Evaluating your business needs and cash flow to repay debt
  • How to choose the right lender for you
  • A look at the application process
  • Equity Financing - Identifying the right investors; What will investors ask for when considering a stake in your company?; Clarifying your business’ value proposition;
  • Articulating your funding needs
  • Examining funding options available through the SBA
Ramona Cedeno, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, FiBrick
Peter Fehnel, Supervisory Economic Development Specialist, US Small Business Administration
Elli Papadopoulos, Principal, Skopos
Oct 2115:30
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Revenue Growth Strategies - Exploring New Pricing Models

Practice Management
  • Determining prices based on expertise rendered vs. time spent
  • Exploring subscription-based models to shift from service provider to a lifetime relationship
Loren Fogelman, Price and Profit Coach, Business Success Solution
Oct 2116:30
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Business Tax Challenges

Part 1: Sponsored by Canopy TaxPart 2: Bankruptcy Primer: How it works and how it helps businesses/individuals
  • How does filing for bankruptcy work for individuals? For businesses?
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Keeping the business going and reorganizing
  • Eliminating Taxes: How bankruptcy gets rid of tax debt
Sevan Gorginian, Bankruptcy Attorney And Adjunct Professor Of Law, Law Office of Sevan Gorginian
Oct 2116:30
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Cash Flow Management

Treasury & Cash Management
Jody Grunden, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Summit CPA Group
Adam Hale, Co-Founder And Chief Operating Officer, Summit CPA Group
Oct 2116:30
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Empowering Your Employees with Training and Learning Opportunities

Practice Management
  • Foster open communication to give employees a work culture where thoughts, feelings, and feedback are easily and regularly communicated
  • Use diversity and inclusion strategies that are impactful and rewarding for both the employee and employer
  • Invest in innovative learning experiences geared toward technology-based work productivity and efficiency
Isaiah Bailey, Senior Accountant, Herbein + Company, Inc.
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