Scharrell Jackson | Chief Operating Officer

Scharrell Jackson, Chief Operating Officer, Lendistry

Scharrell’s passion for motivating established, and aspiring leaders is daily practiced in her role as Chief Operating Officer for Lendistry where she leads the firm’s Operations. As a top-tier executive with over 35 years of experience, Scharrell will drive an innovative model forward for Lendistry that results in sustainable business practices, scalability, and financial profitability. Scharrell’s experiences span from industries such as Financial Services, FinTech, Manufacturing and Distribution, Real Estate and Construction, Property Management, Food Services, and Professional Services, serving in roles as Partner, Chief Financial and Operations Officer and EVP of Finance and Operations. Scharrell’s business acumen expands across the business operations, leading strategy as well as the Human Resources, Legal, Administration, Finance and Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing and general Administration departments and staff.
She is a purpose-driven leader. She serves on the Board of Directors for Orange County Pacific Symphony, President’s Advisory Board of Concordia University, Board of Advisors Center for Leadership, Cal State Fullerton, and the Center for Investment & Wealth Management Advisory Board. Scharrell is a member of the AICPA Women Inclusion Executive Committee(WIEC) and the National Commission on Diversity and Inclusion (NCDI)!


Day 1 - Accounting Americas 2021 H2 @ 16:00

Keynote presentation: Leading With Impact | Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

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