Dale Crosby | Director
CPD For Accountants

Dale Crosby, Director, CPD For Accountants

Over the past 20 years, Dale has worked with over 3,000 accounting and advisory firms in a consulting and training capacity. He has an extensive knowledge of professional firms and the factors involved in achieving positive change. He has written articles and ebooks for industry suppliers and associations. In addition to the consulting practice High Tech Soft Touch, Dale also manages the online training platform CPD For Accountants.


Day 1 @ 10:59

Stream Chair

Day 1 @ 12:00

You’ve been framed: How to refresh and reframe client relationships

It’s often said that the easiest way to increase revenue is to provide more services to existing clients. In reality, many firms find that this is not the case. Clients have preconceived notions about the services their accountant can provide based on what they have experienced in the past. It can be really difficult to change client perceptions. In this session, we’ll discuss some of the key challenges that partners and managers face in reframing client relationships. We’ll identify the steps that proactive accountants and firms can take to explain the value of new services. We’ll talk about how you can get existing clients across the line with new services. We’ll explore what to do when clients don’t respond to suggestions or advice that will add financial value.

Day 1 @ 13:30

Panel: Practice management transformation - improved the efficiency of their day to day processing

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