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In the vast landscape of outsourcing services, Set Up My Offshore, fondly referred to as SUMO, emerged as a trailblazer with a unique approach and a compelling origin story. Founded in 2018 by a Eric Dickler & Dan Roggenkamp, seasoned professionals, SUMO was born out of a shared vision to revolutionize the outsourcing industry.

The founders, each with a rich background in technology and
business, observed a glaring gap in the market. Bridging the divide between a
deep understanding of business operations, systems and processes and high-level
technical expertise, they set out to create a company that could offer clients
the best of both worlds.  

SUMO’s core philosophy is to meticulously match exceptional
individuals with equally exceptional companies. Their stringent selection
process, akin to C-level recruitment by Australian standards ensured that only
the most talented and dedicated professionals became part of the SUMO family.
This commitment to excellence extended beyond technical skills to include a
strong emphasis on business acumen and a genuine passion for delivering
outstanding results in the best interests of clients.

SUMO's work environment was carefully cultivated to foster
collaboration, growth, and innovation. They believed in creating an atmosphere
that allowed employees to thrive while maintaining a relentless focus on
continuous improvement. A full-time Australian tax trainer ensures unparalleled
performance of the team in the Australian taxation ecosystem. 

SUMO's reputation for providing unparalleled outsourcing
services spread far and wide, through word of mouth. Their commitment to
excellence, combined with their unique blend of technical expertise and
business acumen, made them the go-to choice for companies seeking
transformative outsourcing solutions. SUMO's origin story is a testament to
their unwavering dedication to creating a harmonious synergy between
exceptional talent and extraordinary business outcomes.