Merriden Varrall | Partner, Geopolitics

Merriden Varrall, Partner, Geopolitics, KPMG

Dr Merriden Varrall heads up the Australia Geopolitics Hub at KPMG, where she helps business understand and navigate the complex global geopolitical environment. She provides business-relevant insights into global, regional and local geopolitical trends and works with clients to develop strategies and solutions. 
A former UN diplomat based in China, Merriden is a sought-after commentator on geopolitics, East Asia, China’s foreign policy, and Australia’s bilateral relationship with China. From 2014-2018, Merriden was the Director of the Lowy Institute’s East Asia Program. Before joining the Institute, Merriden was the Assistant Country Director and Senior Policy Advisor at United Nations Development Programme, China, where she worked on China’s role in the world, focusing on its international development cooperation policy. 


Day 2 @ 10:10

Geopolticial issues - living with long-term volatily, insights on a prolonged period of disruptions and uncertainties for businesses

Day 2 @ 10:30

Fireside chat: How do we respond ambitiously and effectively to disruption drivers of geo-political and economic challenges

Leading economic thinkers Stephen Koukoulas joins Merriden Varrall a geopolitical expert for a discussion on the geopolitical and economic trends impacting the Australian economy facilitated by James Solomons, CFO of Xref. 

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