Myriade develops the VIDEODROP, an innovative nanoscale imaging technology.

Based on the principles of interferometry, the Videodrop makes it possible to measure the size and concentration of nanoparticles like lentivirus, adenovirus, extracellular vesicles or LNPs

  • in real time (40s)
  • in a single drop (5µL)
  • between 80nm & 500 nm
  • in a concentration range of 10E8 to 10E10 part/ml
  • without labelling & no purification
  • on viscous & complex samples

Videodrop measures the physical titer of viral & non-viral vector solutions, so it allows to: 

  • Continuously monitor cell & gene therapy downstream manufacturing process thanks to its rapidity of measurement (40s) 
  • Work on real samples at any stage of the purification in a non-denaturant way 
  • Control the yield of vector production after harvesting, filtration, or Concentration steps 
  • Quickly identify lot-to-lot variations  

Providing linear results compared to p24 ELISA, VIDEODROP is suitable for "at-line" characterization of lentiviral vectors and in-process controls.


In parallel, when developing new mRNA-LNP formulations & manufacturing processes the quick and easy measurement of LNP concentration with the Videodrop enables stability assessment & standardization for comparative studies. By comparing particle numbers under different conditions with Videodrop, scientists can assess the impact of the process or composition on transfection activity.




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