Umran Rafi | Head of Digital Data, Data Innovation
Santander UK Technology

Umran Rafi, Head of Digital Data, Data Innovation, Santander UK Technology

Umran drives data strategies focused on developing and improving all data capabilities to allow organisations to embed fact based decision making in all its forms. His experience is grounded in enterprise architecture, strategic planning, project delivery and hands on engineering across BI, DW, MDM and analytics. A data evangelist and thought leader changing the mental paradigm in the value of data. 


Wealth 2.0 Day 1 - 28th November 2018 @ 17:00

Experience of added-value generated by technology and cost transformation

  • Strategies for implementing infrastructure which enables technology-driven capabilities: when, how, and where?
  • Focusing on user-experience and keeping a positive client experience as the end-game
  • Maintaining a “people-centred business” outlook, with a digitally enabled back-office
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