Neil Anthony | Co-Founder and Director

Neil Anthony, Co-Founder and Director, ArcSai

Neil Anthony is a Co-founder/Director at pioneering investment management fund – ArcSai. 
ArcSai was created to democratise investment management for its clients by providing bespoke discretionary management in sophisticated exchange traded derivatives, such as options and futures across commodities, forex, equity and bond markets. ArcSai utilises over 30 years of experience and its proprietary algorithmic analytics and artificial intelligence to enhance our client experience. 

Neil is passionate about customer choice in the investment industry and facilitating people with the best approach to making clients return and controlling their risk in a highly dynamic and a clear quantitative manner. 
To that extent Neil also has also keenly followed and been involved with the digital transformation within the investment industry which instigated the founding of ArcSai.
He also holds a Private Pilot’s License (PPL) and enjoys rugby, badminton, shooting and cigars!


Wealth 2.0 Day 1 - 28th November 2018 @ 09:20

A crash is coming – Are investment managers as well as its digital offerings (Robos) prepared and will clients thank them for their efforts after?

  • Does investment management have a problem with risk mitigation given 10 years of QE and traditional non-correlations becoming correlated?
  • Are the strategies on the money making and risk management side becoming inadequate for the coming turbulence?
  • Retail customers deserve better than passive net long strategies?
  • Is the investment management world ready to control client risk during mass market turbulence?
  • Has the robo-advice industry become too focused on the bells and whistles and not the renaissance of investment strategies to the mass market?
last published: 27/Nov/18 11:35 GMT

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