Anders Nicander | Deputy Head of Investment Solutions and Advisory Centre

Anders Nicander, Deputy Head of Investment Solutions and Advisory Centre, Nordea

Anders Nicander is the strategic leader and Head of Digital Wealth in Nordea, the largest and leading bank in the Nordic and Baltic region with more than 10 million customers and an excess of 320 bn EUR in AUM. As Head of Digital Wealth, Mr. Nicander is responsible for the Nordea digital wealth business including both platforms and advice for all customer segments, private individuals as well as corporates. Mr. Nicander has prior to his current position held several leadership positions in wealth management and investment banking with both Nordea and Svenska Handelsbanken. Mr. Nicander is 38 and lives in Stockholm with his wife and three children.


Wealth 2.0 Day 1 - 28th November 2018 @ 09:20

A crash is coming – Are investment managers as well as its digital offerings (Robos) prepared and will clients thank them for their efforts after?

  • Does investment management have a problem with risk mitigation given 10 years of QE and traditional non-correlations becoming correlated?
  • Are the strategies on the money making and risk management side becoming inadequate for the coming turbulence?
  • Retail customers deserve better than passive net long strategies?
  • Is the investment management world ready to control client risk during mass market turbulence?
  • Has the robo-advice industry become too focused on the bells and whistles and not the renaissance of investment strategies to the mass market?
last published: 27/Nov/18 11:35 GMT

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