Trading Show Europe is the leading industry event for forward thinking trading and investing. The attending technology driven managers, including funds, banks and trading firms use our event to discover, learn from and meet with and top service and solution providers who push the market forward. Get involved with Trading Show Europe 2019 to stay ahead of the curve and understand tomorrow’s technology, in today’s ever-changing marketplace.



  • Measuring and optimising trade execution quality
  • Maintaining an edge when latency loses its impact
  • Trading in low volatility market conditions 
  • Adjusting your trading strategy to stay ahead of new regulation and market structure changes 
  • Implementing faster and more intelligent execution algorithms
  • Leveraging new technologies like blockchain to improve post-trade processing, clearing & settlement 
  • Integrating real-time market data into your high-performance trading strategy
  • Evaluating and deploying FPGAs, GPUs and acceleration technologies 
  • Balancing latency and bandwidth in the current trading environment 
  • Aligning computing, storage and networking for maximum data-crunching capacity 
  • How to architect data storage for missioncritical trading 
  • Managing, governing and integrating data to achieve peak performance across applications, systems and services 
  • Securing high-performance networks and protect sensitive enterprise data
  • Deploying data mining techniques to identify trading signals 
  • Detecting anomalies and outliers in financial datasets 
  • Implementing the latest machine learning techniques to capture alpha 
  • Implementing machine learning-based models into live trading systems 
  • Leveraging natural language processing to decode trading signals hidden in textual data 
  • Conducting sentiment analysis to inform trading decisions
  • AI vs quants: how is AI forcing traders to deviate from traditional quant techniques
  • Predictive intelligence: overcoming the barriers to AI adoption in capital markets 
  • Risk management – GTAA implementation: using AI in assessing the global landscape 
  • Picking AI that’s right for you: determining how far to go given technological costs 
  • Designing AI: improving communication between product specialists and algo programmers; supervised vs unsupervised and data visualization 
  • Responding to black swan events
  • Understanding the technology and human capital requirements needed to analyse and realise the value of an alternative dataset 
  • Using alternative data to predict future market or sector movements 
  • Using alternative data to find market mispricing/arbitrage opportunities 
  • Using alternative data for idea generation 
  • Staying ahead of alternative data compliance requirements and data privacy regulation 
  • Aligning your alternative data strategy with your investment strategy
  • Determining the level of accepted risk to build out a strategic portfolio: applying stress testing to existing infrastructures
  • Adopting models that focus on product dynamics
  • Good quants vs bad quants: how to avoid overfitting? 
  • Model management: leveraging research for optimal trade strategy  Alpha shifts: how to evolve when your model starts to underperform 
  • Portfolio optimisation: new ideas and models
  • Infrastructure: examining the practical use cases for decentralised ledgers
  • Crytpo tokens and Alt Coins: are Bitcoin and Etherium becoming the global version of PayPal? 
  • Comparing types of chains: Cross chains; permissioned chains and Sidechains 
  • Blockchain security: building trust through cryptography; proff of work using consensus among nodes to add blocks and safeguarding crypto wallets 
  • Storing data on the blockchain using decentralised clouds 
  • Blockchain’s impact on business operations: cost reductions and transparency
  • Capitalising on trading opportunities in the growing cryptocurrency asset class 
  • Effectively using statistical arbitrage to capitalise on high levels of volatility 
  • Ensuring custodianship and asset security of digital assets 
  • Staying ahead of changing regulation in the crypto space 
  • Enabling the seamless flow of international payments using blockchain technology 
  • How to use cryptocurrencies in an institutional portfolio 
  • Taking advantage of the diversification benefit of cryptocurrencies as a noncorrelated asset





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