Dr Alp Malazgirt | CEO
Yılmaden Holding- a Yıldırım Group Company

Dr Alp Malazgirt, CEO, Yılmaden Holding- a Yıldırım Group Company

Dr. Malazgirt can be reached via email at alp.malazgirt@yildirimgroup.com.
Korea, where he was an Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Business and worked as a consultant on many high tech projects related to metals and mining. Among them,
extraction of lithium from seawater, which later the technology rights were sold to POSCO, and underwater manganese nodule leaching can be cited. His previous roles and titles in the Far East included Senior Strategist for UT Global, a venture company, and Senior Advisor to Sejong Technology Commercialization Company based in Seoul, Korea. Prior to joining Yildirim Group and relocating to Istanbul, Dr. Alp Malazgirt lived in Seoul,
Dr. Alp Malazgirt is the CEO of YilMaden Holding, the Metals and Mining division of
Yildirim Group of Companies (www.yildirimgroup.com). Based in Istanbul, Turkey, and
active in 11 sectors, Yildirim Group is a rising star amongst Turkish industrial conglomerates and is fast becoming a global company. YilMaden Holding is the parent company of Eti Krom, the largest chromium ore producer in Turkey. Its combined operations in Eti Krom and Vargön Alloys in Sweden have made YilMaden Holding the
world's second largest high quality high carbon ferrochrome producer. Recently, YilMaden
Holding acquired the world's highest grade chromium ore deposits located in Khromtau,
Kazakhstan and the integrated ferrochrome facility in Tikhvin, Russia, thereby
strengthening the group’s global presence in this commodity’s market.
Prior to his tenure in the Far East, he was in the USA and had a distinguished career in the Silicon Valley with two silicon chip manufacturing companies. His last position was
the Vice President of Global Operations. After his 18 years in the high-tech field, he
started a solar photovoltaic panel company and later was the founding member of two service company ventures which are still going strong in California. He has more than 25
years of commercial experience working in the high-tech and management fields and is
the recipient of many awards.
Dr. Malazgirt has a BS degree in metallurgical engineering from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, an MS from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering with a minor in chemical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. He is the recipient of three patents and has published in excess of 20 technical articles and made more than 50 presentations at international venues

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