Our Story

For 4 years The Turkey-Eurasia Mining Show has brought thousands of international mining companies and investors to Istanbul to highlight new exploration and investment opportunities and projects in development.

Focusing on the Caucasus, Balkans and Central Asian region, the conference highlights the enormous mining potential of key markets such as Turkey, Kazakhstan and Iran.

The show centers around two main themes:

  • Exploration and investment opportunities
  • Sustainable, safe and efficient mining operations

The region’s rich resource base is undoubted, as is its long term mining opportunity but challenges remain. This conference explores how Eurasia’s government and mining companies can overcome these challenges and create lasting partnerships.

The conference hosts over 300 delegates from mining ministries, authorities and mining companies. International companies and investors looking to break into the region come to form new relationships and operating mining companies learn best practice whilst building new partnerships.

The Turkey – Eurasia Mining Show is a unique platform to access a difficult market to break into by connecting with new and existing contacts.

Get an edge on the competition by gaining insight and understanding into the unique cultural, political and project opportunities and challenges that the region has to offer.

If you are serious about doing business in this region’s mining industry, then you need to be here.