Distinguished Participants and Visitors of the “TURKEY EURASIA MINING SHOW 2015”, 

99% of the equipment which makes life functional is provided from natural resources, being especially from mines. There exists a very close relationship between the welfare and development levels and mining activities of societies. 

People have started the mining activities and to benefit from the mines since first ages and provided the rise of the civilizations as a result of these activities. The rise of the space age and post-industrial knowledge society is also became fact thanks to special metals, alloys and materials provided from the mine products. 

Mining which has such a big and indispensable place in human and community life, is the most effective factor in the achievement of the developed countries the level of today's technology and welfare. Briefly, mine assets are the most important economic powers of countries and the real sources on which development shall be grounded. 

“TURKEY EURASIA MINING SHOW 2015” to be held in Istanbul, is considered as an important opportunity in the international arena where the mining companies that are active in our country and in different regions of the world will convene in order to bring to light the mine potential of Turkey and to get updated on the ongoing exploration activities, mining and related legislation in practice. 

This organization will also be one of the important milestones in meeting the need for capital for the investments planned to be made in our country, developing the ongoing mining investments and creating cooperation between the investors. 

I wish the “TURKEY EURASIA MINING SHOW 2015” which will bring together many high level executives and investors from Turkey and several different countries of the world and will create an opportunity for considering the future steps of the mining sector to be a fruitful event both for our country and all shareholders, and convey my regards to all participants. 

Yours Sincerely,