The recent UK Consumer Duty regulation explicitly required financial and fintech players to detect behavioral biases, understand consumers better, and provide them with relevant and caring services that would lead to the well-being of individuals. Our Company, Yainvest, is being established by Behavioral Finance Solutions GmBH, pioneering behavioral finance for private banking in Switzerland and beyond for years, making it a standard for wealth management and investment advisory for the ultra-rich. We are happy that the UK regulation is obliged to apply this know-how to retail consumers. 
With this, we took a step forward and applied machine learning to identify investors' behavioral biases to coach them into healthy behaviors regarding saving and investing. Imagine that every individual has digital financial adviser is trained to advise billionaires, and you can always get support for your economic well-being in daily matters, for example:
  • Given the decisions I have already made and my personality

  • Building my wealth directly into everyday activities

  • Find the best possible financial solution that fits my situation 

  • The engine follows all relevant external information, suggests the most optimal action/decision, and 

  • Understand me and my progress through my actual actions, how I invest, and how I spend  

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