Asian Property Review

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Filled with intelligent and incisive articles, the magazine is targeted at investors, HNWIs, property professionals, corporations and anyone who is passionate about property. We aim to give you the scoops, behind-the-scene stories, in-depth reports, market trends, and tips on how to maximise the opportunities offered by properties in the Asian-Pacific region. To be distributed across key cities in Asia such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Tokyo, Manila, Taipei and Bangkok, the magazine will help you navigate through all the complexities of investing in Asia and beyond. This is truly the definitive guide to property investment in Asia.   

APR's readership consists mainly of investors progressing from local investments into the global arena. This group, in their 30's-60's, are successful people exploring real estate investment opportunities all over the world especially Asia. They also include some institutional investors and are based from around the world. We are constantly in touch with more real estate investors and decision-makers throughout the world and eventually hope to be the go-to magazine for global real estate investors worldwide.
Beyond print, we have a website highlighting some of the articles in the print version as well as having an e-magazine containing the entire magazine in digital form. We have digital subscribers from all over the world including Japan, Thailand, Singapore and the United States. We also have a Facebook presence with a rising number of fans on a regular basis. This is where we sometimes upload which hotspots around the world we are visiting, what the team is doing as well as some property news fresh off the press.

Our readership is about 35,000 across Asia out of which about 30% are print readers while the rest are digital/online readers. We target a circulation of 50,000 print copies monthly Asia-wide.