Association of Familly Offices In Asia

Supporting Association

Association of Family Offices in Asia (AFO) is a professional and industrial society devoted in serving the needs of family offices in Asia. Our members include both family offices in Asia and solution providers within the region.
The Association focuses on advancing and modeling the best practices of family offices in Asia. To this end, we cooperate with major service providers in the region to provide our members with resource, training and professional services that they need. In addition, the Association also dedicated itself to foster exchange and collaboration between practitioners. We regularly conducts events and programs that help to strengthen the communication and connection among practitioners in Asia.
Due to the rapid economic growth in Asia, there has been increasing demand to asset management and family offices management service that cater to the specific needs of ultra-high net worth families. Nevertheless, the concept of family office remains novel in Asia's wealth management sector. We see a bourgeoning industry meets its development challenge. 
In searching for best practices, we also see the Western model of family office that worked well in developed market might not be completely compatible with the unique dynamic and needs of Asian families. The Association has profuse resource, connections and expertise in the Asian market, we are positioned to support family offices in Asia , be it SFOs or MFOs.  We emerge to help satisfying the visions and diversified needs of these fortune and the institutions that serve the wealthy families. 
The Association now has around 30 institutional members, including ultra affluence families, active players in the region and leading financial institutions with national network in China. We welcome you to join us and become a part of the AFO community.