All-Star Speaker List







All speakers confirmed for World Rail Festival


Roberto Abbondio, Managing Director - New Digital Business, Eurostar

Michael Acosta, Senior Director - Commercial Planning, VIA Rail

Michael Acosta | Senior Director - Commercial Planning | VIA Rail » speaking at World Rail Festival

Mark Anderson, Head of Commercial Growth, Go Ahead Group

Andrew Anderson, Head Of Transformation Portfolio: Payments, Transport for London

Nicolas Andine, Co Chief Executive Officer, Karhoo

Markus Basler, Director Digital Business, SBB

Kurt Bauer, Head Of High Speed And Long-Distance Services, O.B.B. - Personenverkehr A.G.

Laurent Bellan, Chief Information Officer, Eurostar

Agnes Bernot, Head Of Digital Operations, Deutsche Bahn AG

Agnes Bernot | Head Of Digital Operations | Deutsche Bahn AG » speaking at World Rail Festival

Alessandra Berto, Innovation Manager, FS GROUP

Jaap Bierman, Chief Executive Officer, HTM Personenvervoer

Jaap Bierman | Chief Executive Officer | HTM Personenvervoer » speaking at World Rail Festival

Sezer Bilen, Partner Manager Wifi, Deutsche Bahn

Spero Blassoples, Technology Architect, Heathrow Express

Fredrik Blomberg, Chief Revenue Officer, MTR Express

Daniel Boos, Head Of User Experience, SBB CFF FFS

Nicolas Bosmans, Manager, Fraud And Payments, Oui.Sncf

Kai Brandes, Head of Revenue Accounting & Payment Procedure, Deutsche Bahn

Clodagh Buckley, Commercial Relationships Manager, Transport for Greater Manchester

Thandeka Buthelezi, Executive Manager: Customer Services, PRASA

Eric Campbell-Westlind, Head Of Revenue Optimisation, LNER - London North Eastern Railway

Daniel Charles, Head Of Retail, Network Rail

Damien Chin, Project Manager, Taipei Smart City Project Management Office

Nick Clarke, Head Of Revenue, Grand Central Railway Company Limited

Stefan Costeur, Digital Sales And Marketing, NMBS-SNCB

Louise Coward, Insight Manager, Transport Focus

Louise Coward | Insight Manager | Transport Focus » speaking at World Rail Festival

Sebastiaan De Wilde, Director Real Estate, NS Stations

Pierre-Olivier Desmurs, Managing Director, Rail and Transit, Europe, Accenture

Pierre-Olivier Desmurs | Managing Director, Rail and Transit, Europe | Accenture » speaking at World Rail Festival

Hendrik Dueringer, Head Of Revenue Management, Deutsche Bahn AG

Ryan Flaherty, Managing Director, Serco Caledonian Sleeper

Arne Fosen, Executive Vice President, Trains, Vy

Martin Fröhlich, Head of New Horizons, Deutsche Bahn AG

Jennifer Fulford, Head Of Diversification, Eurostar

Jennifer Fulford | Head Of Diversification | Eurostar » speaking at World Rail Festival

Jenny Gejke, Head Of Digital Channel Development, Swedish Rail

Mars Geuze, Co-Founder and Commercial Director, Hardt Hyperloop

Mars Geuze | Co-Founder and Commercial Director | Hardt Hyperloop » speaking at World Rail Festival

Nicole Goebel, Managing Director - Travel And Transportation, Accenture

Scott Goldie, Chief Executive Officer, Napa Valley Wine Train

Aaron Gowell, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, SilverRail

Olivier Guerin, Head Of Ux,

Harald Havenith, Sales Director, NS International

Claire Hennebel, Head Of Revenue Optimisation, Virgin Trains

Claire Hennebel | Head Of Revenue Optimisation | Virgin Trains » speaking at World Rail Festival

Lenka Hennessy, Senior Director of Product Development & Customer Experience, Amtrak

Duncan Henry, Head Of Ticketing, Rail Delivery Group

Maria Hofberg, Director Of Revenue Management, Pricing And Product, SJ AB

Simon Holmes, Group Head Of Digital Communications, FirstGroup Plc

David Hytch, Technology Lead, Calmac Ferries

Jani Jääskeläinen, Head of Business Solutions, VR Group

Robert Jan Ter Kuile, Strategic Adviser, G.V.B.

Mats Johannesson, Chief Executive Officer, MTR Express

Mats Johannesson | Chief Executive Officer | MTR Express » speaking at World Rail Festival

Stefan Jugelt, Project Officer, European Union Agency for Railways

Piia Karjalainen, Senior Manager Maas Alliance, Ertico I.T.S. Europe

Silvia Kaupa-Götzl, CEO, O.B.B. Postbus

Kristian Kolind, Director, Mobility Services And Business Development, Vy

Iryna Koshel, Acting Head Of Reform Support Team, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukraine

Jérôme Kravetz, Network Director, SMTC - Tisséo

Tobias Kruse, Business Development Director, Fjord, Part of Accenture Interactive

Prabhas Kumar, Afc Specialist, Ministry Of Transport And Communication

Gianbattista La Rocca, Chief Executive Officer, Italo - Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori

Robertus Laan, President, Jungfrau Tours

David Laine, Global MaaS Solutions Manager, Transdev

Jakob Lambert, Senior Strategist, Business Development, ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG

Mike Lambrou, Vice President Sales, Ground And Sea, CellPoint Mobile

Chris Lane, Head Of Transport Innovation, Transport for West Midlands

Mark Langmead, Director,Compass Operations, TransLink Vancouver

Francois Le Doze, Head Of Business Performance, Eurostar

Philipp Lombriser, Business Analyst, SBB

Fanny Mathey, Deputy Commercial Director, TGV Lyria

Vojtech Matocha, Technology Architect, Ceske Drahy

Anna Mayerthaler, Senior Specialist for Strategy Projects, Corporate Development, ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG

Edwin Mermans, Senior Advisor International Affairs, Province of Brabant

Annemarie Meyer, CEO, Glacier Express

Barbora Mickova, Chief Institutional Affairs Officer, Leo Express

Helmut Mochel, General Manager, Eurasia Trains & Tours

Alexander Mokros, Head of Account Management International Sales Passenger Transport, DB Vertrieb

Alexander Mul, Marketing Manager, Sqills

Alexander Mul | Marketing Manager | Sqills » speaking at World Rail Festival

Larysa Nazarenko, Project Manager Reform Support Team, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukraine

Meike Niedbal, Head of Smart City & Business Development, D.B. Station and Service

Meike Niedbal | Head of Smart City & Business Development | D.B. Station and Service » speaking at World Rail Festival

Thijs Nieuwdorp, Data Scientist, NS International

Annika Nordbo, Head of Data & Analytics, VR Group

Emma Ollevik, Vice President Of Marketing & Portfolio, SilverRail Technologies

Peder Osterkamp, Chief Commercial Officer, MTR Express

Nicholas Owen, Journalist, Presenter And Rail Enthusiast, BBC

Mar Pallas Poy, Vice President Europe Market Development - Expansion, Scoot

Chris Perry, Director, Intelligent Mobility Solutions

Mark Pettman, Innovation Manager, London North Eastern Railway

Boris Pilichowski, Co Chief Executive Officer, Karhoo

Dr Padet Praditphet, Director, Common Ticketing Office, Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP), Ministry of Transport of Thailand

Silvester Prakasam, Senior Advisor Fare Systems, Land Transport Authority Singapore

Henning Radermacher, Senior Manager, Accenture

Egle Radvile, Chief Technology Officer, Vilnius City Municipality

Eluska Renedo-Illarregi, Chief Executive Officer, Gipuzkoa Transport Authority

Roberto Rinaudo, Chief Executive Officer, Thello

Kate Russell, Journalist and Technology Enthusiast, BBC

Sami Sahala, I.T.S. Chief Advisor, Forum Virium Helsinki

Giancarlo Scaremelli, Commercial Director, Transdev

Stefan Schultheis, ÖBB IKT Services Zentral Service Architektur, ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG

Stefan Schultheis | ÖBB IKT Services Zentral Service Architektur | ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG » speaking at World Rail Festival

Sovan Shatpathy, Chief Technology Officer, Amtrak

Fabien Soulet, CEO, TGV Lyria

Mark Southern, Senior Vice President & COO, Rocky Mountaineer

John Sullivan, Chief Information Officer, Virgin Trains

Endre Sundsdal, Chief Technology Officer, Entur A/S

Karan Suri, Head Of Pricing And Technology, Heathrow Express

Robin Svaricek, Chief Operating Officer, Leo Express

Kim Thain, Marketing Manager, Caledonian Sleeper

Derek Thompson, Retail, Caledonian Sleeper

Derek Thompson | Retail | Caledonian Sleeper » speaking at World Rail Festival

Lizann Tjon, Program Manager Smart Mobility, City of Amsterdam

Fabrice Toledano, Sales And Marketing Director, Thello

Sandip Trivedi, Group General Manager IT Projects, I.R.C.T.C

Kilian Ulm, Head Of Business, Axon Vibe

Roger Van Boxtel, Chief Executive Officer, NS Reizigers

Roger Van Boxtel | Chief Executive Officer | NS Reizigers » speaking at World Rail Festival

Celine Van Gucht, Head Of Revenue Management, Eurostar

Celine Van Gucht | Head Of Revenue Management | Eurostar » speaking at World Rail Festival

Alexandra Van Huffelen, Chief Executive Officer, G.V.B. Holding

Alexandra Van Huffelen | Chief Executive Officer | G.V.B. Holding » speaking at World Rail Festival

Moritz Von Bonin, Head Of Blockchain And Distributed Ledger Solutions, Deutsche Bahn

Sascha Westermann, Head Of Its Pmo, Hamburger Hochbahn

Birgit Wirth, Head Of In, Out Systems And Customer Projects, Deutsche Bahn AG

Reinout Wissenburg, Manager Strategic Sustainability, ProRail

Christoph Wittmann, Senior Advisor To The Chief Executive Officer, ÖBB-Postbus GmbH