Wouter Cassee | Managing Director
Sqills Products Bv

Wouter Cassee, Managing Director, Sqills Products Bv

Wouter is 53 years old. After a medical study and career he switched his career to the (ICT) business. Wouter is co-founder of the Sqills Group. The Sqills Group provides (online) solutions to help Railway companies to increase their online sales, decrease costs and online satisfaction. Sqills offers their online professional services by means of products and projects.  


Rail Festival Day 1 14th November @ 13:00

Implementing a new sales, distribution and RM software suite – should you make or buy?

  • What are the benefits of thousands of proven and out of the box functionalities?
  • How to incorporate specific operator requirements within an out of the box solution
  • Understanding the make or buy business case

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