Robert Jan Ter Kuile | Strategic Adviser

Robert Jan Ter Kuile, Strategic Adviser, G.V.B.

Robert Jan ter Kuile (35) is strategy officer at GVB, the Amsterdam public transport operator. In this role he is supporting the board to determine GVB’s future role in the city of Amsterdam and prepare the company for this future. He develops his vision and approach on an academic background as a traffic engineer and his experience as a strategy consultant. The current strategy of GVB: to be the mobility partner of Amsterdam, states that only through a range of partnerships will GVB be able to accommodate all future travellers. This is Robert’s ultimate driver: build maximum customer satisfaction in a dynamic and ever changing environment.


Rail Festival Day 1 14th November @ 16:15

Lost in ticketing

  • How an operator prepares for three futures of ticketing
  • Developing a future strategy for smart ticketing
  • An insight into some of our ticketing projects and lessons we learnt

Rail Festival Day 2 15th November @ 11:20


With rising passenger expectations and rapidly-changing technology, how can we as an industry evolve to meet these challenges? Our roundtables are hosted by senior level topic specialists. Participants are asked to introduce themselves to the table, and then as a group, they brainstorm and produce their suggestions on what technology would work best for them. After 35 minutes, there is one rotation, so participants can join two tables during the session.

Mobility as a Service, how can transport operators prepare their systems and people?

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