Radek Dvořák | Director of Office for Passenger Transport
Ceske Drahy AS

Radek Dvořák, Director of Office for Passenger Transport, Ceske Drahy AS

Radek has 10 years experience in the railway sector working for the main passenger operator in the Czech Republic. He worked as a project manager within CD Transformation programme Vision 2012 dealing with the core business segment (operational and economic analysis of passenger transport segment with the aim of rentability increase) currently on a position Director Office for Passenger Transport.

He is responsible for strategy of long distance transport segment (with special focus on period 2019-2029 - defining CD business position on future open market) and leads the area of nternational business development. With regards to the investment policy he is the key person defining the mid term Strategy of the Rolling Stock renewal.

He also presents CD position and future developments to the rating agency and potential investors.


Rail Festival Day 1 14th November @ 15:45

Delivering digital first ticketing solutions as an incumbent railway operator

  • Revolutionising ticketing in the Czech Republic: bringing digital commerce to rail
  • Hear how we developed a digital e-shop which now accounts for 50 percent of bookings
  • Understanding our customers and making sure our services fit with their digital habits

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