Mike Riebeling | Delivery Manager
DB Systel GmbH

Mike Riebeling, Delivery Manager, DB Systel GmbH

Mike Riebeling has been active in the digital transformation of the passenger transport of Deutsche Bahn since 2015. As an account manager and consultant with the IT branch, he’s been working with strategy departments, innovation labs and group-wide initiatives on bringing innovative services to travellers. Prior to this, he worked in senior IT positions for railway operations. Mike holds a Master’s degree in industrial engineering and management and has a background in IT and management consulting.


Rail Festival Day 2 15th November @ 14:35

Hear how Deutsche Bahn is implementing AI technology in its passenger rail services

  • Using AI to improve processes and communications within the Deutsche Bahn group
  • What are the key opportunities that this technology presents looking into the future?
  • Making sure that all customer facing solutions are directly beneficial to customers and DB

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