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Wattrain: an association, incorporated in London, gathering individuals and entities from all over the world with the aim of fostering Heritage Railways by promoting the interests of owners and operators of Heritage and Tourist Trains and Trams. It holds triennial conferences: the next one will be in Italy in 2121. It is connected with Fedecrail, UIC, HRA, and similar Associations in Latin America, Australia, and Far East. Its Directors belong to six different countries. Wattrain’s Members include International, National, Regional and Local Federations and Associations, Museums, Railroads, individuals and companies. Its Newsletter is available in English and Spanish. Wattrain’s main focus: to give priority to the protection of our historic right to use our traditional fuels such as coal and oil, and to ensure that the next generation is trained to restore, operate and maintain our historic or traditional stock and equipment.

Wattrain’s site: www.wattrain.net Contact: Stefano Benazzo, President: sbenazzo@gmail.com