Over-C Technologies Ltd


Over-C provide a digital platform for managing frontline workers in high-footfall, high-risk public venues for real-time decision-making in the areas of cost control, compliance and the customer experience. All activity is monitored in real-time via our visual dashboard giving total transparency of both in-house and contractor operations enabling property managers to achieve cost savings and make smarter decisions about how best to deploy front-line resources; and ensure they are fully compliant with all relevant regularly requirements and able to deliver an optimal customer experience. 

ScotRail needed a solution to help them meet their legal obligation to be compliant with Department of Transport regulations and standards in relation to safety and security operations. With Over-C, ScotRail improved their safety and security performance overnight and were able to prove compliance which reduced their risk of fines. By analysing real-time data collected from wireless sensors strategically placed in the workplace, Over-C enabled contractors, employees and managers to assess their performance, targets and current task status against business goals. These insights allowed ScotRail to make immediate decisions, allowing corrective and preventative actions to be taken immediately.