MultiStop.Travel is an online trip planning, booking and experiences platform for multi-stop trips with white-label and co-branding capabilities – for partnerships with cities, automotive and mobility companies, public transportation providers and travel corporates.

The platform presents multi-stop trips as vacation packages with on-the-fly personalization by budget and instant booking of multiple travel services with dynamic inventory, and provides a powerful social space for designing a traveller's online profile and exchanging travel experiences between like-minded travellers, travel experts and brands in the form of interactive trip scenarios.

MultiStop.Travel makes it possible to present virtually any travel ideas as dynamic packages with instant booking and travel itineraries consisting of recommended points of interest and pre-calculated routes for various transportation methods.

By providing a holistic, seamless experience for self-organized travels, we inspire travellers for unique trips off the beaten paths instead of mass tourism destinations, which are suffering from the ever-growing issue of over-tourism.