IZI Travel


izi.TRAVEL is a world's largest free and open mobile storytelling platform with GPS-guided tours for cities and museums. We have 12000 tours, (incl. 2500 museums), in 100 countries in 60 languages, published by thousands of museums, publishers, regional tourism authorities, storytellers. Millions of travellers use these tours with apps for iOS, Android and Web, or via 3rd party partner’s Apps, voice-based assistants, car infotainment systems. 

Many train services suggest our tours as “reason to travel” to passengers. Bus companies, car/bike rentals are joining the club, as “experiences” became an important part of travel. 

And vice versa, the more transport services use us, the more incentive for local storytellers and tourism authorities to publish guided tours. It’s a win-win, and now more travel businesses (hotels, mobile operators etc) join the ecosystem, as well as cultural funds which support local storytellers. 

We will make every road to tell its stories.