Despite many years of innovation, transport ticketing is still a sore point for passengers around the world. In this stream we will discuss new ideas, case studies and concepts for the future of ticketing – and analyse how they will become a reality. See agenda












TICKETING, Wednesday 4 December 2019

CEO Keynote Interviews

Roger Van Boxtel

Keynote Interview: Roger Van Boxtel, CEO, NS

Gianbattista La Rocca

Keynote Interview: Gianbattista La Rocca, CEO, NTV

Mats Johannesson

Keynote Interview: Mats Johannesson, CEO, MTR Express

Fabien Soulet

Keynote Interview: Fabien Soulet, CEO, TGV Lyria

Torkel Patterson

Keynote Interview: Torkel Patterson, Member of the Board, JR Central

Torkel Patterson
Tobias Kruse

The Mobility Gold Rush

  • Mobility has become a fragmented ecosystem with government and private companies from multiple sectors racing to reinvent transportation
  • The opportunities are immense and new mobility solutions will fundamentally change how we live and work
  • In this session, we will look at potential future scenarios of mobility, the driving forces behind them, and the impact they will have on society and organizations as a whole

Networking Coffee Break

round tables

Round Table Working Groups

Our popular round table sessions will be back, giving you the opportunity to get involved in a discussion around critical challenges, opportunities and technologies which impacting the future of the industry
Artificial Intelligence: Potential, trends and use cases in intermodal mobility systems
Ingo Winkler

Ingo Winkler, European Rail Segment Leader, IBM

From selling tickets to selling personalized mobility services, how are customer expectation on products & pricing changing for rail operators?
Scott Thomas Butler

Scott Thomas Butler, Managing Director, Mobility, North America, Accenture

Getting the most from your Revenue Management team
Stan Ward

Stan Ward, VP, Rail & Cruise, Revenue Analytics

How can Cities effectively manage the development of smart mobility?
Lizann Tjon

Lizann Tjon, Program Manager Smart Mobility, City of Amsterdam

How can rail foster a culture of innovation and streamline business operations?
Mark Pettman

Mark Pettman, Innovation Manager, London North Eastern Railway

How can rail operators and businesses support the transition from aviation to rail travel?
Emma Kemp

Emma Kemp, Campaigns Manager, Climate Perks

Making the most of innovating payment methods to develop new revenue and pricing strategies
Mark Thoma

Mark Thoma, Strategy Manager, Connexxion Transdev

Making the most of marketing new services
Kim Thain

Kim Thain, Marketing Manager, Caledonian Sleeper

Reliable connectivity has become an ‘expected norm’. Why should it stop when we step on to a train?
Jeremy Haskey

Jeremy Haskey, Chief Architect, Nomad Digital

The Cognitive Travel Companion: How IoT supports the traveler's journey
Fulvio D'Aloia Cascone

Fulvio D'Aloia Cascone, Travel & Transport Industry Leader, IBM

The five rules of customer experience: how to deliver competitive advantage and brand recognition
Kirsty Dias

Kirsty Dias, Managing Director, PriestmanGoode

Train travellers: How to configurate the on board costumer experience
Juan Antonio Cuesta

Juan Antonio Cuesta, Director, E.C.O. Rail S A

Understanding how to access government funding for rail innovations
Rhianne Montgomery

Rhianne Montgomery, Programme Manager - Rail, Innovate UK

Why do we not provide better passenger information during service disruption?
Matthew Shears

Matthew Shears, Co-founder & Commercial Director, UP3 Services Ltd


Markus Basler

Moving beyond smart cards to automated ticketing

  • Identifying the opportunities for smart card and traditional fare alternatives
  • Fine-tuning business models to cope with disruptive ticketing technology
  • Optimising passenger convenience with seamless digital solutions
Martin Solf

Driving Forces and Business Model – Where do you want to play with your distribution system?

  • What are the driving forces in the mobility market?
  • Where is your current business model located in that world and where do you want to play?
  • How could distribution technology guarantee a frictionless customer experience in a fragmented mobility market?
Mark Langmead

Introducing cashless payments on an integrated transport network

  • Rolling out flexi-fares and account-based ticketing across Vancouver
  • Implementing account-based ticketing technologies
  • Evaluating the challenges to social equity that new tech brings
Emma Ollevik

How do we Make Rail First Choice? Creating brilliant retail experiences

  • One third of EU citizens do not travel by train so what can be done to increase rail adoption?
  • What can rail learn from other industries about customer experience?
  • How can common technical standards help make integrated, multi-modal booking and ticketing a reality?
Duncan Henry

Integrating transport ticketing on a national scale

  • Identifying the passenger demand for a ‘pay-as-you-go’ ticketing model
  • Unpacking the complexities of delivering of this function across the UK
  • Creating an intermodal offering in the future

Networking Lunch


Prabhas Kumar

Implementing EMV & QR code systems on a greenfield network

  • Considering EMV ticketing and the opportunities new payment schemes will bring
  • The commercial benefits of utilising dynamic online QR codes
  • Achieving strategic buy-in for emerging technologies
Birgit Wirth

Seamless ticketing without physical infrastructure

  • Implementing sensor technology on a regional scale
  • Successfully migrating to hands-free ticketing
  • Evaluating the benefits of using only software
Panel discussion

Afternoon Networking Coffee

Closing Keynote Session: outside in perspective

Alexandra Van Huffelen

Driving the growth of public transport in the Netherlands

  • The role of technology in improving the experience of travelling by GVB
  • The role of operators in shaping the future of smart mobility
  • Sharing case studies and successful test cases; driving engagement with our customers
Iain Griffin

Consumers are people too

  • The key consumer trends that are non-negotiable
  • Tactics to design more dynamic products and services for people - not just consumers
  • Staying nimble to drive material growth in a rapidly changing mobility landscape
Arne Fosen

A bold makeover for competitiveness

  • How the Norwegian state owned railway became Vy
  • Sharpening the strategy towards delivering the most sustainable mobility services for the future traveler.
  • Strengthening the core of bus and train, Vy aims to build new services to allow for a smother door-to door- journey.
Raphael Rubin

Keeping on track: Optimizing conversions and customer experience to drive online rail ticket sales

Henri Ploom

Revolutionising onboard Wi-Fi experience

  • Challenges faced by transport providers to meet passenger WiFi expectations: video dominance soaring; the 5 main applications that make 75% of total data consumption; and annual organic data growth by 25%
  • How RebelRocket on-board Wi-Fi traffic optimisation can significantly improve Wi-Fi while reducing data consumption
  • Ease of implementation and other benefits of our service

Evening Drinks Reception

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TICKETING, Thursday 5 December 2019

Kate Russell

Digital Insights: how can these be applied to the world of rail?

Mars Geuze

Developing the technology which will define the future of transport: Hyperloop

  • Does Hyperloop really have the potential to provide passenger transport in the future?
  • Developing a new concept of connected travel – from dense cities to rural areas, how will hyperloop change the way we live?
  • How will hyperloop technology disrupt the current transport landscape? Partners or competitors?
Sovan Shatpathy

The role of technology in creating a customer obsessed service at Amtrak

  • Optimising our channels for seamless engagement throughout the journey: starting at home
  • Ensuring our stations are digitally ready to provide a stress-free experience for customers
  • The role of technology on board: developing new technologies to ensure the experience on board is memorable
Vania Ribeiro

Panel Discussion: Shaping the future of Mobility today

Topics will include:
  • How can Transport operators innovate to truly meet the needs of tomorrow?
  • The role of digital: how fundamentally will technology transform the needs of transport and therefore the role of operators?
  • The changing relationships between operators, disruptors and Tech Giants – who wins?
Keith Dierkx

21st Century Rail: Humanity at the Heart

  • How are your customers impacted by new technologies and AI? Rethinking our core processes in business and using people as the guiding light
  • New technologies and ground-breaking corporate architecture can enhance both customer and employee experiences in the rail space
  • Insights to spark your company’s creativity as ways to engage and entertain. As the bar for traveling expectations rises, provide the personal touch, human interaction and empathy to make your company stand out.

Morning Networking Coffee

round tables

Roundtable Working sessions

Our popular round table sessions will be back, giving you the opportunity to get involved in a discussion around critical challenges, opportunities and technologies which impacting the future of the industry
Blockchain is a norm for supply chain management, but what about ticketing?
Richard Kujan

Richard Kujan, CIO, Slovak Railways

Capitalising on new technology to increase ridership of public transport networks
Jérôme Kravetz

Jérôme Kravetz, Network Director, SMTC - Tisséo

Creating a European mobility network with rail as backbone
Niels Van Oort

Niels Van Oort, Co-director Smart Public Transport Lab, Delft Technical University

Enabling business innovation and saving costs by implementing an open platform for onboard IT systems
Jan Luijben

Jan Luijben, Information Manager, G.V.B.

Evaluating how operators can create a culture of innovation and embrace digital disruption
Sezer Bilen

Sezer Bilen, Partner Manager Wifi, Deutsche Bahn

Evaluating the new technologies on the horizon and leading by example when it comes to start-up engagement
Rebecca Goulding

Rebecca Goulding, SME Manager, Connected Places Catapult

Exploring the benefits to customers & commercial interests of developing autonomous rail networks
Johan C. Haveland

Johan C. Haveland, Director of Passenger Transportation, Bybanen

How can implementing smart and integrated mobility systems help fulfil the goals of a city?
Stella Aaltonen

Stella Aaltonen, Mobility Project Manager, City of Turku

How can transport stakeholders foster collaboration?
Silvia Kaupa-Götzl

Silvia Kaupa-Götzl, Chief Executive Officer, O.B.B. Postbus

How can we make smart ticketing ‘work’, whilst creating an environment that allows for innovation in customer experience?
Aaron White

Aaron White, Barcode Product Owner and Smart Ticketing Programme Lead, Rail delivery group

Putting the customer at the heart of urban transport development and construction
Guy Segal

Guy Segal, Deputy VP Red Line Construction, NTA Tel Aviv Metro

The role of social media in shaping the future of transport
Kunal Pattany

Kunal Pattany, Founder, Digital human

What are the key enablers for collaboration between transport operators and the travel and tourism industry?
Stefano Benazzo

Stefano Benazzo, President, WATTRAIN

Why is open data so crucial to the future of transport and how can we overcome key challenges when implementing it?
Christian Trachsel

Christian Trachsel, Data Architect, Swiss Federal Railways SBB


Juergen Maier

Fostering collaboration with integrated ticketing technology

  • Sharing our blueprint to enable collaboration between transport operators
  • Overcoming the challenges of implementing one joint mobility platform
  • Understanding how open data will contribute to international ticketing solutions
Dr Padet Praditphet

The evolution of Thailand’s national, common digital ticketing system

  • Keeping abreast of passenger demands of the common ticketing system in Thailand
  • Comprehending the features of a centralised data warehouse
  • Overcoming the challenges of progressing beyond mobile ticketing
Martin Knoll

Transforming to a digital ticketing system

  • Taking a customer-focused approach to new digital ticketing services
  • Adapting vending machine interfaces to meet passenger demands
  • The challenges of migrating to a paperless system

Networking Lunch


Jakob Lambert

Regional and national ticketing models across Austria

  • Discussing the implications of AFC and other disruptive technologies for key mobility players
  • Uncovering how ÖBB are innovating to make regional and national transit ticketing options more streamlined
  • Analysing customer behaviour to overcome legacy issues and innovate
Larysa Nazarenko

Developing a smart ticketing project across Ukraine

  • Implementing a smart ticketing system at the municipality level
  • Extending this across the commuter and national levels to simplify ticketing in Ukraine
  • Insights into passenger data and behaviour and the ridership levels to facilitate future liberalisation
Eluska Renedo-Illarregi

Achieving cross-border mobility with smart ticketing

  • Enabling European cross border mobility
  • Overcoming the barriers to integrated passenger experience
  • Structuring ticketing technologies, fares and data sources between international stakeholders
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