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Marketing, social media and brand strategies for the worlds rail operators


About Marketing & Social

In 2018 we will be launching a dedicated focus on Marketing.Covering everything from branding, the new world of social media marketing and loyalty, looking at how the rail industry can benefit from new marketing strategies in an increasingly competitive travel landscape.



With executive marketers and leading thinkers in the industry, this is the place to be if you provide marketing services to the transport industry.



5 Conferences

4 Workshops

2 Days

1 Event


Who Sponsors?

  • Social Technology 
  • Digital Marketing Software 
  • Loyalty Marketing 
  • App Developers 
  • Social Media Consultants 
  • Social automation providers 
  • Brand consultants

Who Attends?

  • CMO
  • CCO
  • Heads of Loyalty 
  • Heads of Social 
  • Heads of Communication 
  • VP Sales and Marketing 
  • Loyalty Marketing 
  • Heads of CRM
  • Heads of Digital





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