In a complex distribution landscape with new players and growing competition, reaching the right customers is a core focus for operators around the world. Join us for some focused conversation around the development of distribution in the rail, bus and urban mobility sectors See agenda










DISTRIBUTION, Thursday 5 December 2019

Kate Russell

Digital Insights: how can these be applied to the world of rail?

Mars Geuze

Developing the technology which will define the future of transport: Hyperloop

  • Does Hyperloop really have the potential to provide passenger transport in the future?
  • Developing a new concept of connected travel – from dense cities to rural areas, how will hyperloop change the way we live?
  • How will hyperloop technology disrupt the current transport landscape? Partners or competitors?
Sovan Shatpathy

The role of technology in creating a customer obsessed service at Amtrak

  • Optimising our channels for seamless engagement throughout the journey: starting at home
  • Ensuring our stations are digitally ready to provide a stress-free experience for customers
  • The role of technology on board: developing new technologies to ensure the experience on board is memorable
Vania Ribeiro

Panel Discussion: Shaping the future of Mobility today

Topics will include:
  • How can Transport operators innovate to truly meet the needs of tomorrow?
  • The role of digital: how fundamentally will technology transform the needs of transport and therefore the role of operators?
  • The changing relationships between operators, disruptors and Tech Giants – who wins?
Keith Dierkx

21st Century Rail: Humanity at the Heart

  • How are your customers impacted by new technologies and AI? Rethinking our core processes in business and using people as the guiding light
  • New technologies and ground-breaking corporate architecture can enhance both customer and employee experiences in the rail space
  • Insights to spark your company’s creativity as ways to engage and entertain. As the bar for traveling expectations rises, provide the personal touch, human interaction and empathy to make your company stand out.

Morning Networking Coffee

round tables

Roundtable Working sessions

Our popular round table sessions will be back, giving you the opportunity to get involved in a discussion around critical challenges, opportunities and technologies which impacting the future of the industry
Blockchain is a norm for supply chain management, but what about ticketing?
Richard Kujan

Richard Kujan, CIO, Slovak Railways

Capitalising on new technology to increase ridership of public transport networks
Jérôme Kravetz

Jérôme Kravetz, Network Director, SMTC - Tisséo

Creating a European mobility network with rail as backbone
Niels Van Oort

Niels Van Oort, Co-director Smart Public Transport Lab, Delft Technical University

Enabling business innovation and saving costs by implementing an open platform for onboard IT systems
Jan Luijben

Jan Luijben, Information Manager, G.V.B.

Evaluating how operators can create a culture of innovation and embrace digital disruption
Sezer Bilen

Sezer Bilen, Partner Manager Wifi, Deutsche Bahn

Evaluating the new technologies on the horizon and leading by example when it comes to start-up engagement
Rebecca Goulding

Rebecca Goulding, SME Manager, Connected Places Catapult

Exploring the benefits to customers & commercial interests of developing autonomous rail networks
Johan C. Haveland

Johan C. Haveland, Director of Passenger Transportation, Bybanen

How can implementing smart and integrated mobility systems help fulfil the goals of a city?
Stella Aaltonen

Stella Aaltonen, Mobility Project Manager, City of Turku

How can transport stakeholders foster collaboration?
Silvia Kaupa-Götzl

Silvia Kaupa-Götzl, Chief Executive Officer, O.B.B. Postbus

How can we make smart ticketing ‘work’, whilst creating an environment that allows for innovation in customer experience?
Aaron White

Aaron White, Barcode Product Owner and Smart Ticketing Programme Lead, Rail delivery group

Putting the customer at the heart of urban transport development and construction
Guy Segal

Guy Segal, Deputy VP Red Line Construction, NTA Tel Aviv Metro

The role of social media in shaping the future of transport
Kunal Pattany

Kunal Pattany, Founder, Digital human

What are the key enablers for collaboration between transport operators and the travel and tourism industry?
Stefano Benazzo

Stefano Benazzo, President, WATTRAIN

Why is open data so crucial to the future of transport and how can we overcome key challenges when implementing it?
Christian Trachsel

Christian Trachsel, Data Architect, Swiss Federal Railways SBB



Sascha Oberbüscher

Capitalising on the tourist opportunity at Deutsche Bahn

·Creating a dynamic opportunity for tour operators to engage with Deutsche Bahn·Distributing this offer efficiently through a new distribution channel·Creating new business opportunities for rail in the tourist market
Stefan Löcherbach

The future of rail distribution: how can railways benefit from NDC?

Travel industry players are evolving into new distribution ways. The so-called New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) adopted by airlines is an example. Join our session to learn how to:·Broaden railways’ distribution horizons·Benefit from NDC·Gain competitive advantage by replicating airlines distribution models
Alejandra Vitoria

Developing Carrier and Destination Management Partnerships for the modern traveller

  • Understanding the role transport operators have as an integral part of the travel experience
  • A destination as an integral part of a whole itinerary: the opportunities this creates for operators
  • Developing effective partnerships as an integral tool to developing business at Elipsos
Esther Bravo Barquero

The future of booking Intermodal, Interoperable and International public transport trip booking

  • The role Shift2Rail is playing in the development of International public transport bookings
  • Answering the demand for easy to navigate rail bookings: why is it SO hard?
  • What the future platform will look like and the impact for rail operators

Networking Lunch


Stefan Jugelt

Supporting international collaboration through standards and EU wide thinking

·How current EU standards are helping to grow international sales and distribution in rail·Developments on the standards to support multimodality ticketing·Bridging the gap towards full collaboration and support: how can the rail industry work together more effectively?
Robin Svaricek

Attracting customers to travel by rail: a forward-thinking distribution strategy

·How we create successful partnerships with international aggregators and partners·The role of rail operators as the distributor: why closer collaboration is key to the growth of rail·Implementing a reservation system which allows for closer collaboration
Ionut Badea

Developing intermodal distribution standards to optimise the opportunity for rail

  • Optimising standards for distribution across rail and aviation
  • What are the biggest challenges when looking at the opportunities for distribution platforms in rail
  • Shaping future standards to ease the intermodal distribution opportunities
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