Rail Festival Day 2 15th November


Chairman’s Introductions



Steve Wells

How can rail navigate the future transport ecosystem and prepare for the advent of smart mobility

  • How big could the impact of artificial intellegence, blockchain and big data be for rail?
  • What are the practical applications for these technologies and how are they likely to develop and impact transport?
  • Preparing to be an agile organisation that can adapt to change, disruption and challenges as opposed to overtaken by competitors
Marius Macku

UBER and railways - A Win-Win

  • What do the statistics say? How does UBER disincentive private car ownership? How to push forward the modal shift towards railways?   
  • How can Rail Operators and UBER partner to create a better customer experience?
  • Forward Thinking: As customers increasingly demand intermodal services, can UBER play a leading role?
Geert Kloppenburg

Preparing for the future of transport

  • Preparing for the future of mobility with digital innovation as a key enabler
  • Understand how are we working to ensure experience on the railway encourages loyalty to the brand
  • Investing in smart ticketing and public transport partnerships to turn the future of transport into a reality
Eric Schaeffer

Unlocking value in rail by harnessing digital opportunities

  • Discover how real value for your customers can be created
  • Using enriched data to gain insight on your customers, services and potential efficiencies
  • Starting today to prepare for the ecosystems of tomorrow

Networking Coffee Break

round tables


With rising passenger expectations and rapidly-changing technology, how can we as an industry evolve to meet these challenges? Our roundtables are hosted by senior level topic specialists. Participants are asked to introduce themselves to the table, and then as a group, they brainstorm and produce their suggestions on what technology would work best for them. After 35 minutes, there is one rotation, so participants can join two tables during the session.
  • Debating the pros & cons of integrating revenue management in a railway company
  • Jørgen Villadsen

    Jørgen Villadsen, Head of Revenue Management, DSB

  • Designing a new reservation operating system: key areas to consider
  • Juan Antonio Cuesta Canas

    Juan Antonio Cuesta Canas, Director, EcoRail

  • How can you design with passenger experience as your guide?
  • Paul Dunkerley

    Paul Dunkerley, Designer, PriestmanGoode

  • How rail operators can establish new business models to support MAAS and on demand travel
  • Peter Krumm

    Peter Krumm, Strategy Business Intelligence Manager, Connexxion Transdev

  • Is there a future for traditional Smart cards? Which technologies should you invest in for long term ticketing and payments solutions?
  • Chris Perry

    Chris Perry, Director, Intelligent Mobility Solutions

  • Key strategies helping to incentivise loyalty in the railway industry
  • Peder Osterkamp

    Peder Osterkamp, Chief Commercial Officer, MTR Express

  • Managing change from legacy systems to cloud-based / agile systems
  • Nora Harme

    Nora Harme, Director, Pricing & Products, Passenger Services, VR Group

  • Mobility as a Service, how can transport operators prepare their systems and people?
  • Robert Jan Ter Kuile

    Robert Jan Ter Kuile, Strategic Adviser, G.V.B.

  • Passenger information when things go wrong: showing customers that you care
  • Guy Dangerfield

    Guy Dangerfield, Strategy Director, Transport Focus

  • Working effectively with start-ups to effectively prepare for the future of travel
  • Marius Pigulla

    Marius Pigulla, Director of Open Innovation, Deutsche Bahn AG







    Rail Fest Stream B

    Putting the customer at the heart of Virgin’s digital transformation

    • Envisioning what the ideal customer journey for our customers would look like
    • Ensuring that digital transformation allows impactful benefits for our customers and our revenue capabilities
    • Empowering our people with data to know our customers and improve their experiences
    Rail Fest IT

    Rail innovation in the age of digitalization

    • Sharing our vision of the ultimate customer journey at Amtrak
    • Why driving an engaging employee experience improves passenger experience?
    • What are the key areas of innovation that we are investing in to achieve these goals?
    Rail Fest Stream A

    Classless revenue management reveals hidden revenue resources

    • Adapting new technologies to work alongside older and continue to produce results
    • Using historical and known data to allow for dynamic pricing
    • Future additions which will allow for more revenue growth
    Rail Fest Stream B

    The paradigm change: beyond A to B travel to the personal mobility ecosystem of the future

    • What are the biggest trends impacting customer experience design and how does this impact you?
    • Harnessing digital technology to understand your customers and provide a seamless journey
    • Taking the next step: preparing for the personal mobility ecosystem and Rail’s position in the ecosystem
    Rail Fest IT

    Panel: How can rail disrupt itself? Thinking big and taking control

    • Themes include:
    • What will be the biggest technologies enabling the rail industry to innovate and change?
    • What are the biggest challenges for TOCs in the innovation sector and what are the roads to success
    More panellists to be announced 
    Rail Fest Stream A

    The travel experience enrichment - how to integrate the rail ecosystem

    • Addressing the complexity of the ecosystem environment
    • Leveraging the emerging technologies to integrate partners
    • Supporting the customer during the enriched travel experience
    Rail Fest Stream B

    How NS Dutch Railways is using technology to personalize and optimise the customer journey

    • Digitising the customer journey: having a smart digitizing strategy to make sure we are investing in the most impactful areas
    • Working closely with customers to understand what they really want from our digital channels
    • Using the data to understand each customer and provide a unique and personalised experience

    Networking Lunch







    Rail Fest Stream A

    Balancing capacity and overbooking on the German rail network

    • How Deutsche Bahn is managing its proportion of first class carriages with revenue management
    • Is there a solution to the first/second class split when making decisions for the next 30 years?
    • Discouraging booking on busy trains to avoid dangerous situations and angry passengers
    • Hear how Deutsche Bahn is measuring the impact of icons when booking platforms on customer behaviour
    Rail Fest Stream B

    Using social customer care data to understand and enhance the customer experience

    • Using the insights that social customer care can provide to understand and enhance your customer experience
    • How can rail operators use social data to surprise & delight customers?
    • Learning from other industries to understand the opportunities that social media can create
    Rail Fest IT

    Bringing effective digital solutions to rail

    • What are the most important technologies that can dramatically change rail for the better?
    • Getting the right people: how do you lead change from the inside out?
    • Making use of the data you already have in an intelligent way: how can this be done in an agile way?
    Rail Fest Stream A

    Implementation of Network Planning at VIA Rail Canada – Customer at the heart of our schedules

    • Challenges and potential of implementing a network planning group at VIA Rail Canada Inc.
    • Ensuring that passengers are at the center of our schedules
    • Results of our labour and looking to the future
    Rail Fest Stream B

    An insight on how digital innovation is changing our approach to mobility

    • Hear about Trenitalia’s new approach to mobility in the digital era
    • What are the key areas of innovation that Trenitalia are identifying as critical to future success
    • Discussing some key projects which are bringing true innovation to Trenitalia
    Rail Fest IT

    Hear how Deutsche Bahn is implementing AI technology in its passenger rail services

    • Using AI to improve processes and communications within the Deutsche Bahn group
    • What are the key opportunities that this technology presents looking into the future?
    • Making sure that all customer facing solutions are directly beneficial to customers and DB
    Rail Fest Stream A

    Implementing distribution standards in rail

    • Understanding what distribution standards and agreements are available in Europe
    • What are the key benefits to TOCs in taking up these standards?
    • Putting the customer first: passing on the benefits to the international rail traveller
    Rail Fest IT

    How the low cost airline optimises e-commerce across its digital channels

    • Engaging with your customers to understand how to create user-friendly and effective e-commerce channels
    • Optimising merchandising to substantially increase ancillary sales
    • Working to ensure your e-commerce channels are constantly creating the best results possible

    Close of Conference – see you next year!

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