Speaker Toolkit

We're thrilled to welcome you as a speaker for our 2018 installment of Quant World Canada. Now that you're on board, make sure you get the most out of your participation. Below, you'll find resources to help you prepare for the conference.

Speaker best practices:

Ensure a seamless presentation -   make sure all of your presentation materials and special accommodations are taken care of in advance.

  • Make sure your presentation matches your time slot: since presentation times are mostly 20-25 minutes, please be aware of the number of slides you use. 15-20 slides are ideal (including Q&A).
  • Provide us with your presentation in advance. By sending us your presentation in advance, we'll have time to test them and ensure they are the right format for the conference room. Click  here  to submit your presentation. *  All presentations must be submitted by 11/1  *
  • If you have videos or sound effects in your presentation, please let us know so we can check them beforehand. We recommend videos be embedded into the presentation rather than an external link.
  • Please include any special requests you may have when submitting your presentation.
  • Bring a backup of your presentation on a USB: stay prepared and have a copy of your presentation on-hand at the conference, just in case.


Create awareness around your presentation -   ensure your network knows about your participation and maximize attendance at your session.  

  • Social Media  : Follow the Quant World Canada official Twitter account:  @TheTradingShow  . If  @TheTradingShow  includes you in a tweet, be sure to retweet it to promote your attendance!
  • Discounted Passes  : to thank you for your participation, we'd love to offer you up to 5 discounted passes to share with your network. Click  here  to request you discounted passes.
  • Your Organization  : if your organization has a newsletter, request that they include a blurb about your participation at Quant World Canada. Click  here  to request a personalized article delivered to your inbox. 
  • Your Signature  : include a badge in your signature letting your colleagues and friends know you're speaking at Trading Show New York. You can even request a personalized badge with your discount code, making it easier for your network to join you at the conference. Click  here  to request a personalized signature badge.