Networking App- Jujama

Networking at Quant World Canada 2018
Business Matching with Jujama allows you to manage your time efficiently and effectively to ensure you meet all the right people.
You can fill your whole day with productive meetings.  By simply registering  you will automatically receive access to this online match making platform. It's that simple!
Business Matching with Jujama is available 24/7, giving you time to plan and get the most from the event well in advance. Accessible via your desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet, allowing you to:
  • Review the latest exhibitor list and schedule a meeting that suits your calendar
  • Select the products and services matching your needs
  • Receive regular product and company recommendations
To benefit from the FREE Business Matching programme, please register online  . You will be automatically included in the programme and an invitation email with a personalised link will be sent to you with details on how you can benefit from this service!
The Jujama app  goes live four weeks before the show. 
Note:  Jujama respects your privacy and assures you that all of your personal contact information will be kept confidential. Rest assured that no contact information will be shared via our platform.