Luis Seco | President And Chief Executive Officer
Sigma Analysis & Management

Luis Seco, President And Chief Executive Officer, Sigma Analysis & Management

Luis Seco is a co-founder and the President and CEO of Sigma Analysis & Management. He started his career in financial risk management in 1996, while a Professor at the University of Toronto, creating the RiskLab, a research center that serviced the financial sector in Toronto in the area of risk management. Sigma started in 1999 as a spin-off of research activity at the RiskLab. He is currently the Director of the Mathematical Finance Program at the University of Toronto.

Prof. Seco holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University, and he was the Bateman Instructor at the California Institute of Technology. He has authored numerous papers in financial risk management, investments and market models, has won a number of research awards and is an active participant in professional organizations, including AIMA and PRMIA.

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