Adrian de Valois-Franklin | CEO
Castle Ridge Asset Management

Adrian de Valois-Franklin, CEO, Castle Ridge Asset Management

Adrian is an investment professional with expertise merging finance and cutting-edge technology. As CEO of Castle Ridge Asset Management, Adrian runs Artificial Intelligence powered investment funds with industry leading performance.

Previously, Adrian worked with some of the world’s largest financial institutions. As a member of the Principal Investing group for the $280 billion CPP Investment Board, Adrian identified and executed global mega-cap acquisitions and financing across various industries. Adrian also worked with Accel-KKR in Silicon Valley and Goldman Sachs in New York and San Francisco.

Adrian attained his H.B.A with Distinction from the Ivey Business School at Western University. He currently serves on charitable committees for the Toronto Public Library Foundation.


Day 1 @ 16:00

Non-traditional data – how can you leverage emerging data sources to drive investment returns?

  • Nascent data – how will data from nanosatellites, drone imagery, Internet of Things and other emerging data sources be applied to capture alpha?
  • Choosing the right data – how do you go about making the decision whether to invest in “rare” data sources?
  • Exclusivity, novelty & data processing capability – is one more important than the other when mining for alpha?
  • Package alpha products – are they sustainable? If so, how are vendors offering products accounting for crowding and the resultant decay of the value with time?
  • Compute component – what do recent innovations in computing mean for achieving an information edge in the big data ecosystem?
  • Data access vs. human capital vs. compute – striking the right balance 

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