Here are just 7 of the many reasons why you should join us at LightRail Congress 2017:


  1. Hear exclusively from new TfL Managing Director Mark Wild and understand what future technology TfL will be adopting to boost efficiencies on the London network.
  2. See how rail operators can use data science and machine learning to help maintenance planning. Héloïse Nonne , Head of Data Science at SNCF will give you a unique insight into what applications railways can use to reduce disruptions due to faults. 
  3. Understand how Hyperloop is bringing disruption and innovation to the transport industry. Learn how ultra-high speed links can transform urban transit systems. 
  4. Get to see the vision for Dubai 2020 from RTA CEO, His Excellency Abdul Ibrahim Younes . He will layout the plans for the Dubai Metro extension as well as a wider view of the overall infrastructure development of the city of Dubai. 
  5. Listen to world leading transport futurist Rohit Talwar and find out what emerging tech such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, VR and IOT will mean for the rail industry.
  6. Attend our RailPower and RailTel & CBTC specialist sessions to hear some of the best case studies around the latest telecommunications and energy technology. 
  7. Sit down to hear the keynote interview session with CEOs from MTR Group (Hong Kong) and Metroselskabet (Copenhagen Metro) . Find out their thoughts on the future metro and what digital competition from ride sharing and taxi apps means for urban transit