Dr Ed Cartwright | CEO/Founder
Cloud of Experts

Dr Ed Cartwright, CEO/Founder, Cloud of Experts

Dr. Ed Cartwright is a paediatric doctor with 10 years experience in the NHS, a PhD from the University of Cambridge at the interface of microbiology / genomics / epidemiology and the co-author of 15 research papers that have been cited over 1000 times. He left academia and medicine to found a digital startup, Cloud of Experts, with the aim of speeding innovation from the research bench to the bedside. Cloud of Experts initially provides a marketplace for medical doctors, who also hold a PhD, to perform document based work for clients in the life sciences. The company provides an instant way for both parties to communicate, a legal framework, a mechanism for payment, and also novel, market-beating, confidentiality. He is being supported by Entrepreneur First, Europe's largest and most prestigious tech startup accelerator, who have helped over 350 individuals build 100 companies with a total valuation of over $500m.

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