Dr Artem Andrianov | Chief Executive Officer
Cyntegrity Germany Gmbh

Dr Artem Andrianov, Chief Executive Officer, Cyntegrity Germany Gmbh

Artem Andrianov, PhD, serves as Managing Director for Cyntegrity Germany GmbH Artem Andrianov graduated with degrees in software engineering, bachelor of economics, and master of business administration. After graduation, he defended a PhD with focus on mathematical modelling and software, later Artem continued as a post-doc student in Hamburg, making research in medical devices, subsequently moving into the pharmaceutical industry. Artem started his career as a software architect at CareFusion, and after three years shifted to the position of Software Development Manager with a focus on data quality in clinical trials. In 2013 Artem Andrianov graduated with honors an Executive MBA (Cass, London City University). 
Simultaneously with the study, he founded an innovative company with the name Cyntegrity, which focuses on data-driven risk management in clinical trials and analysis of Big Data.
- Recently held presentations at the following conferences: 
1.    Health 2.0, Barcelona, 2016
2.    DIA Clinical Forum in Paris, 2015
3.    PCT, 2015
4.    German ePharma Day, Munich  2015
5.    German ePharma Day: Risk-based Monitoring,  2014
6.    Risk-Based Monitoring Workshop EFGCP London, 2014 
7.    Pharma Forum in Saarbrucken, 2014
8.    Computers in Cardiology (2009, 2008)
- Member of DIA, Metrics Champion Consortium, Risk-based Monitoring Consortium, DGPharMed
- Author of over 20 publications, a monograph and a patent
Research interests:
- Risk-based monitoring in clinical trials
- Quality Management & Risk management
- Data mining in clinical trials

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