We are introducing the Home Delivery World Europe webinar series, where you will hear the industry’s leading figures tackle the industry's most critical topics, including eCommerce demand, changes in supply chain, white glove delivery, on-demand warehousing, warehouse safety & efficiencies and much more.


Site selection & urban fulfillment – Optimizing your facilities to ensure safe and efficient delivery of goods and produce

Thursday, July 9 11am EDT (5pm CEST)

This webinar will address key issues including the site selection process, the design & build of facilities and automation.


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The future of supply chain: From micro fulfillment centers to dark stores, automation and robot delivery

Thursday, June 25 11am EDT

This webinar will feature DHL, Boxed.com, Pet Supplies Plus, Locus Robotics and the Consumer Brands Association, who will all share their perspectives on the future of supply chain.


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Supply chain processes & technologies – Adjusting to disruption and optimizing warehousing operations

Thursday, June 18 2pm CEST (8am EDT)

Guess Europe, Sonae MC and Acesur are leading a 1-hour panel discussion to share how they are addressing key issues including supplier relations, worker safety, warehouse operations, order fulfilment and delivery.


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Innovation at Amazon Pre, intra and post COVID

Wednesday, June 10 11am EDT

Wondering how Amazon is continuing to innovate during COVID, while preparing for a post-COVID world?
As innovation becomes more crucial now than ever before, Paul Misener, Amazon.com's Vice President of Global Innovation Policy and Communications will share his thoughts on current times, and how Amazon continues to maintain its culture and methods of sustained, customer-obsessed innovation.


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eGrocery with AutoStore

Wednesday, June 10 12:05pm EDT

As e-grocery sales increase, it is imperative for retailers to find a strategic solution to support operations. This webinar will address how eGrocery is impacting retail stores throughout the pandemic and beyond.


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Same Day Deliveries  Industry Leaders Offer a Road Map for the Future

Wednesday, June 3 2pm EDT

Join industry leaders from Elite EXTRA, Panasonic, Lyft, Chrysler’s Mopar Masters Guild, Mayer Electric, and CAI Software, LLC to discuss what they’re experiencing in today’s economy, and how they’re adapting, innovating and positioning companies for future success.


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CPGs and DTC – Addressing supplier delays, surges in eCommerce demand and packaging

Thursday, May 28 11am EDT

Current times have put immense pressure on the supply chain for CPGs and DTC retailers. Key issues that have resonated now more than ever include supplier delays and shut downs, surges in eCommerce demand, order fulfillment and shipping. This webinar will address how brands are adjusting their supply chains and ensuring their packaging continues to meet safety and efficiency needs despite drastic changes in demand.


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Grocery eCommerce across EU –  Analyzing changing consumer habits and shifting fulfilment and home delivery 

Wednesday, May 27 2pm CEST

Consumers are using online and home delivery now more than ever - Will online grocery and home delivery become the new norm, or is this a trend that will eventually slow down as time progresses? This webinar will analyze the consumer in different parts of EU and how grocers are navigating the biggest issues including changes in demand, the food supply chain and home delivery. 


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Grocery delivery - Cost effectively scaling home delivery while ensuring the highest quality of produce

Aired Thursday, May 14, 2020

Food and grocery delivery has risen exponentially during COVID-19. Customers are becoming more and more comfortable ordering online and this might be a trend that remains long after this pandemic. This panel will address how leading brands are ensuring the safest and highest quality produce are being delivered to their end consumers at all times.


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White glove & InHome deliveries – How has present times altered consumer’s perception of it?

Aired Tuesday, May 12, 2020

In home white glove delivery has always been a sensitive industry, involving two strangers entering intimate spaces within the home to complete a delivery. In the age of social/physical distancing, this issue is only going to become much, much more sensitive. This webinar will address the impact of COVID-19 on the white glove delivery business both in the immediate term and moving forward.

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Shifting last mile delivery: From fleets to partners, drivers and technologies

Aired Thursday, April 23, 2020

If you weren’t in the Home Delivery space before COVID-19, current times are pushing many retail and consumer organizations to do just that. This webinar will feature leading brands who will discuss how they are navigating the pressure that COVID-19 has put on supply chains and last mile delivery.

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COVID-19 and Grocery Delivery

Aired Wednesday, April 8, 2020

COVID-19 has put immense pressure on supply chains and the way retailers and supermarkets are adjusting to increasing demands.

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