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ENPICOM is an innovative immunomics data analysis company with an outstanding team of professionals. They focus on supporting immunotherapy developers with groundbreaking products and customized solutions to improve and accelerate discovery and development of novel immunotherapies. Clinical validation projects to stratify patients and monitor treatment responses to immunotherapies under development are ongoing. 
ENPICOM’s first product on the market is a world-class repertoire sequencing data analysis solution, the ImmunoGenomiX (IGX) platform. IGX is an innovative platform to manage, store, analyze, visualize and interpret immune repertoire sequencing data from T and B cell receptors. The smart new analysis and visualization methods are also offered as IGX-service. In collaboration with DDL Diagnostic Laboratory also in a full-service proposition to organizations lacking the specific expertise or capabilities to perform repertoire sequencing. 
For more information, visit www.enpicom.com.


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