Confirmed Speakers


Catherine Alix Panabieres, Director, Laboratory Of Rare Human Circulating Cells (Lccrh), Pathology And Onco-Biology Department, Institut Univ de Recherche Clinique IURC

Rolf Apweiler, Embl-Ebi Director, EMBL- EBI

Rolf Apweiler | Embl-Ebi Director | EMBL- EBI » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Catharine Aquino Fournier, Head Of Ht Sequencing, The Functional Genomics Center Zurich

Martin Armstrong, Senior Director Molecular Genetics, Experimental Medicine And Diagnostics, UCB

Martin Armstrong | Senior Director Molecular Genetics, Experimental Medicine And Diagnostics | UCB » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Ronny Baber, Head Of The Leipzig Medical Biobank And Life Preanalytical Laboratory, University Hospital Leipzig

Dr Carl Barrett, Vice President Of Translational Sciences, AstraZeneca

Dr Philip Beer, Physician Scientist And Precision Oncology Specialist, Sanger Institute

Anna Berry, Scientific Director Of Personalized Medicine And Medical Director Of Molecular Diagnostics, Swedish Cancer Institute

Csaba Bödör, Senior Research Fellow, Head Of Molecular Diagnostics In Onco-Hematology, Semmelweis University

Jan Christoph Brase, Precision Medicine Director, Novartis

Nicoletta Brega, Global Medical Expert And Head Of Ta Oncology, Bayer

Nicoletta Brega | Global Medical Expert And Head Of Ta Oncology | Bayer » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Richard Buus, Senior Scientific Officer, Institute of Cancer Research

John Castle, Head Of Translational Medicine And Bioinformatics, Agenus

John Castle | Head Of Translational Medicine And Bioinformatics | Agenus » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Jan Cools, Professor Genetics, Ku Leuven Center For Human Genetics, Group Leader, Vib Center For Cancer Biology, KU Leuven

Charles Cox, Head Of Pharmacogenetics, Genetics, Target Sciences, G.S.K. R and D

Charles Cox | Head Of Pharmacogenetics, Genetics, Target Sciences | G.S.K. R and D » speaking at Genomics LIVE

James Creeden, Global Medical Director, Foundation Medicine Inc

Khrystal K Davis, President & Founder, Texas Rare Alliance

Isabel De La Mata, Principal Advisor For Health And Crisis Management, European Commission

Isabel De La Mata | Principal Advisor For Health And Crisis Management | European Commission » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Stephanie Devaney, Deputy Director Of All Of Us Research Program, National Institutes of Health

Lorena Dieguez, Group Head, Nano4Health Unit, International Iberian nanotechnology laboratory

Lorena Dieguez | Group Head, Nano4Health Unit | International Iberian nanotechnology laboratory » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Bojana Djordjevic, Gynecologic Pathologist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Angela Douglas, Deputy Cheif Scientific Officer, NHS England

Serenella Eppenberger, Biobank Leader, Pathology University Hospital Basel

Bin Feng, Senior Director, Head Of Advanced Analytics And Experimental Medicine Unit, GSK

Bin Feng | Senior Director, Head Of Advanced Analytics And Experimental Medicine Unit | GSK » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Matthew Ferber, Co-Director Of Clinical Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Mayo Clinic

Michael Fraser, Director Of Prostate Cancer Research, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Fabien Gaire, Global Head Of Pathology And Tissue Analytics, Roche

Russell Garlick, Chief Scientific Officer, Seracare

Klaus Gerwert, Professor, Ruhr University Bochum

Klaus Gerwert | Professor | Ruhr University Bochum » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Bruno Gomes, Global Head Of Biomarkers Oncology, Roche

Bruno Gomes | Global Head Of Biomarkers Oncology | Roche » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Ralph Graeser, Senior Translational Medicine Expert, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

Caroline Gubser Keller, Data science site head in Chemical Biology and Therapeutics, Novartis

Jens K Habermann, Professor At Department Of Surgery, University of Luebeck

Joanne Hackett, Chief Commercial Officer, Genomics England

Wolfgang Hackl, Founder, OncoGenomX

Wolfgang Hackl | Founder | OncoGenomX » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Carolina Haefliger, Vice President, Head Of Centre For Genomic Research, AstraZeneca

Stephen Hague, Science And Technical Advisor, 10x Genomics

Samir Hanash, Director, Red And Charline Mccombs Institute For The Early Detection And Treatment Of Cancer, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Alexandre Harle, Assistant Professor, Institut de Cancérologie de Lorraine

Zdenko Herceg, Head, Epigenetics Group, International Agency for Research on Cancer

Zdenko Herceg | Head, Epigenetics Group | International Agency for Research on Cancer » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Maria Hernandez Fuentes, Head Of Patient Tissue Analysis, UCB

Imtiaz Hossain, Computational Scientist, Novartis

Said Ismail, Director Of Qatar Genome Programme, Qatar Foundation

Sean James, Tissue Bank Manager, University Hospitals Coventry And Warwickshire

Philip Jermann, Head Of Molecular Assay Development Unit, University Hospital Basel

Philip Jermann | Head Of Molecular Assay Development Unit | University Hospital Basel » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Janet Jin, Director, Clinical Biomarkers And Cdx, AbbVie

Janet Jin | Director, Clinical Biomarkers And Cdx | AbbVie » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Shona Kerr, Project Manager, The MRC Human Genetics Unit, University of Edinburgh

Jens Klabunde, Diagnostics Strategy Leader, Personalized Healthcare, Roche

Jens Klabunde | Diagnostics Strategy Leader, Personalized Healthcare | Roche » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Zisis Kozlakidis, Head, Laboratory Services And Biobanking, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC/WHO)

Mikael Kubista, Professor, Czech Academy of Sciences

Carlo Largiadère, Vice Director, Institute Of Clinical Chemistry, University Hospital of Bern, Switzerland

George Lee, Digital Pathology Informatics Lead and Data Scientist, Bristol Myers Squibb

Evi Lianidou, Professor Of Analytical Chemistry And Clinical Chemistry, University of Athens

Evi Lianidou | Professor Of Analytical Chemistry And Clinical Chemistry | University of Athens » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Cecilia Lindskog, Director Human Tissue Atlas, Uppsala University

Cecilia Lindskog | Director Human Tissue Atlas | Uppsala University » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Pontus Lundberg, Head Of Molecular Diagnostics, University Hospital Basel

Pontus Lundberg | Head Of Molecular Diagnostics | University Hospital Basel » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Mike Makrigiorgos, Professor For Department Of Radiation Oncology, Dana Farber and Harvard Medical School

Jean-Claude Marshall, Head Of Clinical Biomarker Technologies, Pfizer

Sandra Mitrovic, University Hospital of Basel

Rhoda Molife, Senior Clinical Director, MSD

Rhoda Molife | Senior Clinical Director | MSD » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Vincent Mooser, Professor, McGill University

Pierre Moulin, Global Head Of Pathways And Molecular Pathology, Novartis International AG

Pierre Moulin | Global Head Of Pathways And Molecular Pathology | Novartis International AG » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Rabih Murr, Group Leader, University of Geneva

Charlotte Ng, Group Leader, Head Of Research, University of Bern

Edward Oakeley, Senior Group Head, Next Generation Sequencing, Novartis

Michael Oellerich, Professor, University Medical Center Goettingen

Josine Oude Lohuis, IGX Application Specialist, ENPICOM

Josine Oude Lohuis | IGX Application Specialist | ENPICOM » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Alexandre Passioukov, Vice President Of Translational Medicine, Pierre Fabre

Simit Patel, Field Application Scientist, Partek

Markus Paulmichl, Chair Of Department Of Personalised Medicine, Humanomed

Markus Paulmichl | Chair Of Department Of Personalised Medicine | Humanomed » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Vicente Peg Cámara, Pathologist, Vall d'Hebron Research Institute

Vicente Peg Cámara | Pathologist | Vall d'Hebron Research Institute » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Christopher Peters, Clinical Senior Lecturer And Consultant Upper Gi And General Surgeon, Imperial College London

Simone Picelli, Platform Leader Single - Cell Genomics, Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel (IOB)

Pamela Pinzani, Associate Professor, University of Florence

Pamela Pinzani | Associate Professor | University of Florence » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Christos Polymeropoulos, Medical Director, Vanda Pharmaceuticals

Christos Polymeropoulos | Medical Director | Vanda Pharmaceuticals » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Bernhard Polzer, Group Head Of Cellular And Molecular Diagnostics, Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine

Luca Quagliata, Global Head Of Medicine - Clinical Ngs And Oncology Division, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Santiago Ramon Y Cajal, Chairman Of Pathology Department, Vall Dhebron Barcelona Hospital Campus

Santiago Ramon Y Cajal | Chairman Of Pathology Department | Vall Dhebron Barcelona Hospital Campus » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Frederic Raymond, Senior Research Scientist, Nestle Research

Andrea Rinaldi, Head, Genomics Facility, IOR Institute of Oncology Reseach

Charles Roberts, Co Founder And Chief Partnership Officer, Freenome

Charles Roberts | Co Founder And Chief Partnership Officer | Freenome » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Guglielmo Roma, Global Head Of Genomic Sciences And Technologies, Novartis

Christian Ruiz, Head Diagnotistic Laboratory Department, University Hospital Basel, Medical Genetics & Pathology

Angela Pia Sanzone, Scientist, NIBSC

Stefan Scherer, Vice President Global Head Experimental Medicine, GlaxoSmithKline

Stefan Scherer | Vice President Global Head Experimental Medicine | GlaxoSmithKline » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Thomas Schlange, Senior Biomarker Scientist And Efpia Coordinator, Bayer

Eric Schordan, Head Of Molecular Diagnostics, Firalis

Stephan Schuster, Scientific Chairman, Genome Asia

Ed Schuuring, Professor In Molecular Oncological Pathology, University of Groningen

Ed Schuuring | Professor In Molecular Oncological Pathology | University of Groningen » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Shai Shen-Orr, Chief Scientist, CytoReason

Shai Shen-Orr | Chief Scientist | CytoReason » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Michael Sinosich, Scientific Director, Prenatal Testing, Sonic Healthcare Ltd

Michael Sinosich | Scientific Director, Prenatal Testing | Sonic Healthcare Ltd » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Sebastien Smallwood, Head Of Functional Genomics, FMI

Sebastien Smallwood | Head Of Functional Genomics | FMI » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Sandra Smieszek, Head Of Genetics, Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc

Corinne Solier, Global Head Biomics and Pathology, Roche Pharma

Corinne Solier | Global Head Biomics and Pathology | Roche Pharma » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Timo Staub, COO Precision Medicine, University of Bern

Timo Staub | COO Precision Medicine | University of Bern » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Eike Staub, Director, Head Of Oncology Bioinformatics, Merck Group

Eike Staub | Director, Head Of Oncology Bioinformatics | Merck Group » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Marc Sultan, Group Head Human Genetics And Genomics, Novartis

Valerie Taly, Group Leader And C.N.R.S. Research Director, INSERM

Richard Turner, M.R.C. Clinical Research Training Fellow In Clinical Pharmacology And Therapeutics, University of Liverpool

Jeroen Van Houdt, Omics Group Leader, Janssen Pharmaceutical

Max Van Min, Founding Director, Cergentis

Jo Vandesompele, Chief Scientific Officer, Biogazelle, Professor, Functional Cancer Genomics And Applied Bioinformatics, Ghent University, Biogazelle

Ray Veeraraghavan, Senior Director, Informatics and Im, Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine

Ray Veeraraghavan | Senior Director, Informatics and Im | Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Adrian Wanner, Chief Executive Officer, Ariadne-Service GmbH

Joachim Weischenfeldt, Group Leader, Biotech Research And Innovation Centre

Joachim Weischenfeldt | Group Leader | Biotech Research And Innovation Centre » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Tony Whetton, Director, Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre

Tony Whetton | Director | Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Donald White, Programme Manager, Precision Medicine, Cancer Research UK

Valtteri Wirta, Head Of Unit Clinical Genomics Science For Life Laboratory, Karolinska Institutet

Marcin Wlodarski, Assistant Member, St Jude's Facility, St Jude's Children's Research Hospital

Marcin Wlodarski | Assistant Member, St Jude's Facility | St Jude's Children's Research Hospital » speaking at Genomics LIVE

Corinna Wolf, Principal Scientist Integrative and Exploratory Pathology, Merck Biopharma

Emilio Yanguez, Ngs Scientist, Functional Genomics Center

Lina Yuan, Head Of Clinical Bioinformatician, Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Jean Claude Zenklusen, Director, The Cancer Genome Atlas, Center For Cancer Genomics, National Cancer Institute - NIH

Inti Zlobec, Head Of The Translational Research Unit And Colorectal Cancer Research Group Leader, University of Bern

Martin Zoche, Director Of Molecular Tumour Profiling, University Hospital Zurich





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