Dolomite bio is working with scientists around the world to develop and advance the field of single cell biology. We aim to make cutting edge technology and techniques accessible to all, allowing biologists to push forward and increase their cellular insight to accelerate biological research. 
Our latest innovation, Nadia, opens up the world of high throughput single cell research to anyone looking to gain knowledge into cell diversity throughout development or disease. By making the technology readily available and providing the ability to easily develop new protocols when using the Nadia Innovate we’re hoping to see the world of single cell research accelerating in a way we’ve not seen before.
Our new innovative technology offers the opportunity for biologists and researchers around the world, to understand the importance of single cells in diseases and immunity. This provides cellular insights that were not previously possible, increasing researcher’s knowledge of cell development, immunology and immunotherapy as well as tumour heterogeneity lineage analysis and clonal evolution into cell development.



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