Vine Health : Georgina Kirby, Co-Founder & CTO 

Patient behaviours are the single biggest driver of quality of life and outcomes in cancer; yet patients struggle to cope with the complexity of medication and lifestyle behaviours involved in managing cancer. Vine Health is a digital ecosystem that combines behavioural science & AI to optimise care and increase survival of cancer patients. In empowering patients, the Vine Health platform gathers real-world patient-generated data that is crucial to pharmaceutical drug development, licensing and reimbursement.

FabricNano : Grant Aarons, CEO

FabricNano designs artificial cells that produce chemicals 100x faster, enabling manufacturers to scale output, reduce costs and discover new molecules.


Blazar : Dora Sabino, CEO

We are building a machine learning platform to predicit response to immunotherapies.


Nanovery: Mun Ching Lee, CEO

We are an AI-powered nanorobot platform for early cancer detection. We are building nanorobots that can capture circulating tumour DNA and emit a fluorescent signal, allowing point of care detection with just a blood sample. This is a game-changer in liquid biopsy as we are able to detect cancer in 1-2 hours compared to the 1-2 weeks turnaround of a standard liquid biopsy. We have an AI system to predict cancer progression, which enables us to generate a custom set of nanorobots to capture different biomarkers, enabling personalised treatment.

Panakeia Technologies: Pahini Pandya, CEO

Panakeia makes cancer diagnosis simpler, faster and cheaper by reducing the need for multiple tests. Pathologist assessment of biopsies is the gold standard for cancer diagnosis today. Complete diagnosis requires at least 4 additional tests done in separate labs. This takes 20 days and costs hospitals several thousand pounds. Panakeias' software uses deep-learning to provide pathologists with comprehensive diagnostic information from biopsy images they already have and fits into existing workflow. Patients can get diagnosis in 1 step, 2 days and at a fraction of the cost. We have partnerships with top cancer centres across 3 continents for data and trials of our patent-pending technology.


Antiverse : Rowina Westermeier, Director

Antiverse is developing a disruptive technology to predict antibodies against antigens using machine learning.

FindMeCure Ltd: Ralitsa Vaskova, Executive

FindMeCure is a young tech company with a clinical research background, working in the field of digital patient recruitment. 
Using our own intelligent algorithm, our online platform helps people all over the world find and join the most suitable for them clinical trials and at the same time helps companies to find easier and faster the most suitable patients for their clinical trials. 
We also have developed an Intelligence Data Platform combining real-time data, social listening and our proprietary algorithms to better plan and/or speed up clinical trials.

Quantum on Demand : Gunter Hermann, Co-Founder

Quantum on Demand (QoD) is a simulation-based and AI-driven research platform for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Powered by chemical and biochemical prediction models, we help our customers to accelerate the R&D of new pharmaceutical ingredients and novel materials - while increasing the cost-efficiency.

Lyfegen HealthTech AG : Nico Mros, Co-Founder and COO

Lyfegen is a healthcare technology company that has developed a ground-breaking solution to accelerate value-based healthcare. Its platform, Lyfevalue, collects, analyses & reconciles disparate healthcare data for the purpose of automating value-based healthcare contracting. The platform enables life science companies, national and private healthcare payers and healthcare providers to operationalise value-based healthcare strategies whilst benefiting from a single holistic solution for their value-based healthcare operations. In addition, the platform allows for personalised healthcare by enabling patient level pricing, fostering accelerated and facilitated access to innovative treatments for patients. 

Fast BT : Balendu Avvaru, CSO 

Fast BT is developing a revolutionary detection technology to enable the early detection of infectious diseases and biomarkers.


  Causaly : Yiannis Kiachopoulos, CEO 

Causaly is the world’s biggest Evidence Data Platform for BioMedicine. Our AI platform machine-reads 25,000,000 academic biomedical publications, adding 100,000 new publications every month. Within seconds it identifies and visualizes patterns, insights and relationships which leads to: Discoveries and insights from millions of articles that the human brain could easily miss, Better decision-making through improved understanding of patterns and relationships, Time- and cost savings by pre-reading and pre-qualifying millions of articles, Increased confidence in evidence scoping and improved article discovery due to premium content, Causaly is working with Industry, Governments and Academia to enable faster, higher quality and more transparent decision-making based on evidence.

InSilicoTrials Technologies : Luca Emili, CEO 

InSilicoTrials is the first cloud-based platform that provides healthcare companies and researchers with easy-to-use tools to perform computational modeling and simulation in pharmaceutical and medical devices development. We are working with FDA and EMA to make easier the development of new lifescience products

Lab Me Analytics : Anthony Close, CEO

Making Blood Testing Painless
At Home Testing, Simplified Results, & In-App Doctor Consults 
Say Goodbye to Needles and Waiting Rooms

Sens ID : Ronald Vos, BD 

Our products are the ideal solution for your R&D, validation of your instruments, external control, preparation of accreditation, ring trials, conformity assessment, as part of your diagnostic test kit, and much more. We offer you a range of human material in diverse product categories like gDNA, cfDNA/ctDNA, Plasma and FFPE with different genetic modifications like point mutations, insertions, deletions, amplifications and translocations. Additionally, we offer you a range of negative controls (certified DNA free) for liquid biopsy procedures.

Seqera Labs: Evan Floden Co-founder & CSO

We provide solutions to create, deploy and share massively scaleable workflows across clusters and clouds. Founded by the creators of Nextflow, Seqera Labs mission is to foster the adoption of professional open source software and strengthen the community effort around the Nextflow ecosystem. We enable teams to monitor, optimize and deploy pipelines in highly regulated environments, ensuring success at every step, from development to maintenance in production.

Arthronica : Letizia Gionfrida CEO

Arthronica is diagnostic medical tool that assists clinicians in the treatment auto-immune inflammatory conditions, C.R.Os in the running of clinical trials and Pharma companies in proving the effectiveness of their drugs. By utilising cutting edge artificial intelligence and ubiquitous consumer devices (smartphone/laptop) Arthronica provides precise longitudinal data on patients, enabling for first time, truly objective assessment,  treatment and recovery. Arthronica is a spinout company from Imperial College London, has received investment from Entrepreneurs First and Research England, and is a partner at JLabs in Beerse (the only European Johnson & Johnson innovation centre).

Entropica Labs : Tommaso Demarie, CEO

Entropica Labs is a spinoff of Singapore's Centre for Quantum Technologies, building a platform that uses machine learning on classical and quantum computing to analyse complex biological data. Entropica's mission is to generate new actionable biological insights from multi-omics datasets and phenotypic measurements, yielding a more robust drug discovery process to treat complex diseases. The vision is to reimagine how biological systems are simulated in silico, reducing the time and money spent testing and experimenting in the wet lab. The founding team has over 15 years of experience in quantum computing, distributed computing and machine learning

Pharmatrace :

PharmaTrace is a healthcare ecosystem built on blockchain. Leveraging A.I. & Machine Learning to connect complex data and create true digital transformation, we help pharmaceuticals and healthcare entities adopt blockchain technology to secure data, deploy smart contracts and AI/ML which enhance patient lifes hence better outcome- smart data usage, and transforming the medical chain environment.

FaunaBio : Ashley Zehnder Founder CEO

Fauna Bio is pushing beyond the classic mouse model to develop a cross-mammal drug discovery platform that takes advantage of 100 million years of evolution. 
The elephant’s resistance to cancer is a popular example of an animal adaptation that promotes health and longevity, but many others exist. Hibernating mammals begin to develop conditions similar to heart attack, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease, but unlike humans, they are able to protect themselves from damage, or even subsequently cure themselves of these illnesses. With the recent dramatic drop in sequencing costs thousands of humans are being sequenced, but other mammal species remain an untapped reservoir of information that could be used to inspire therapeutic discovery.

Sano Genetics : Patrick Short, CEO

Sano Genetics is a platform for genomic and medical data with privacy and transparency at its core. Using a crowdsourcing model, we provide engaged patient cohorts and data for clinical trials recruitment and drug discovery.

Bio.tx : Marco Schmidt Founder & CEO


FeetMe : Alexis Mathieu CEO 

Smart medical wearables to improve mobility. The most advanced platform for the assessment of gait in real world setting.

Advanscience : Christian Volger CEO

Advancience is a Swiss data science company that develops and applies highly scalable software solutions for the digital measurement of human behaviour and intellectual capacity. We are digitally reinventing the psychological research toolkit: By using entertaining computer games, we derive insights from ultra-large reference cohorts, while simultaneously we’re drastically speeding up the process of generating scientific insights. Our revolutionary data and privacy policy hands full control over personal data back to the citizen who contribute.
We use our next-generation psychometric toolkit and automated advanced statistical analysis to bring digitization into the field of applied psychology in the healthcare sector. Our online-based toolkit can be used to deliver objective markers of cognitive functioning for diagnosing and monitoring of neurological/psychiatric patients and provide digital biomarkers in clinical trials.

Kaiser & Preusse : Martin Preusse CEO

Kaiser & Preusse builds data solutions for research, biotech & pharma. We offer a unique combination: a deep understanding of systems biology, and practical experience in building Neo4j solutions. With our know-how, we cover everything from basic science to drug development and healthcare.

Brainpatch.IO : Alessandro Monterosso CEO

A B2B platform for developing apps for non-invasive brain stimulation using AI. The technology entails simultaneous recording and stimulation of the brain signals using electrodes contacting the scalp. The business model relies on a community of AI developers developing and testing machine learning algorithms for real-time optimisation of stimulation protocol for each application for each individual. The technology will use blockchain-enabled infrastructure for ensuring maximum efficacy, safety and trust in the applications.

CogniScent : Micol De Ruvo CEO

At CogniScent, we develop non invasive testing for early detection of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s: using machine learning, we define a personal risk profile based on digital questionnaires and on a smell test. Users have access to a detailed report, together with recommendations and support.

LIVEsciences: Caroline Seidel Catalyst

LIVEsciences is a team of young and purpose-driven individuals with a passion for unleashing the potential of people by liberating them from limiting structures and processes. Together with our clients we help them find the best combinations of different novel approaches that allow them to become more agile, innovative, and impactful. By developing customized approaches specific for their context and business culture we catalyze sustainable success

LifeBit Solutions : Maria Chatzou CEO

Lifebit is building the world’s first intelligent genomics platform that understands DNA data and generates meaningful insights like humans do. This offers researchers and their corresponding organisations (ie. pharmaceutical) a highly scalable, modular and reproducible system that automates the analysis processes, learns from the data and provides actionable insights.

Visium SA : Alen Arslanagic CEO

Machine Learning product development company developing tailored solutions, specialized in health & pharma and working with numerous top 50 Swiss companies

Predict Care: Markus Mäkelä Co-Founder

PredictCare LLC is building an End-to-End, Predictive & Individualized Patient & Disease Management Platform based on a State of the Art Artificial Intelligence Engine.The platform brings the individual to the center of all actions at the right time and with the right action.The platform serves all stakeholders and gathers data from all sources, even from digital health devices and wearables. Through the wide coverage the platform provides a disruptive approach to predicting the disease and individualizing the care and actions. The first use case for the platform is End Stage Renal Disease. The platform itself is agnostic of any disease.

Allcyte : Berend Snijder Co-founder
Allcyte is a biotech start-up company focused on functional drug testing in primary human material. With our Pharmacoscopy high-content imaging platform, our mission is to bring the next generation of personalized medicine to cancer patients and treating physicians, and support pharmaceutical companies to focus their drug development efforts on the right molecules in the right indications. We enable research through the image-based quantification of single-cell phenotypes - all performed directly in primary patient material with minimal amounts of manipulation and requiring minimal amounts of sample. We integrate these data using cutting edge methods of statistics and machine learning to generate actionable insights for our customers. Our mission is to help you make the best possible biomedical decisions.

Nocturne GmbH : Ella Maria Kadas CEO

We at Nocturne specialize in products and services that allow diagnosing and monitoring neurologic disorders through imaging of the eye. Nocturne’s proprietary technology (patent pending) analyses 3D images of the retina, which are obtained by optical coherence tomography (OCT). With its service Nocturne addresses customers in pharmaceutical research, academia, and clinical care. Currently our main focus is multiple sclerosis, with future applications in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Our goal is to improve accuracy of the initial diagnosis and to provide a close disease monitoring for initiating the right treatment and treatment adjustment, with the possibility of reducing the number of costly and time consuming MRI examinations.

InVivo AI : Daniel Cohen, CEO

Founded in January 2018, InVivo AI is developing novel algorithms for low data drug discovery, providing us the unique ability to work with the small and noisy datasets characteristic of early-stage drug discovery. Through close collaboration with strategic partners, we combine proprietary disease models with our computational discovery engine to design and optimize novel drug candidates, with an initial focus on complex targets in oncology and CNS.

SwissVault Systems : Bhupinder Bhullar, CEO

Swiss Vault makes compute and data storage platforms for the AI market. Our USP is easy to use and deploy desktop AI units, to manage and analyze BIG DATA as it is captured in the field.

BigOmics Analytics : Murodzhon Akhmedov CEO

Data analytics has become the biggest bottleneck in life science R&D. BigOmics solves the big data analytics problem by bringing easy-to-use omics data analytics to the desktop. Our goal is to create a self-service analytics platform that empowers biologists to analyze their data themselves in order get their analysis faster, better and cheaper. BigOmics wants to become the leader in visual omics analytics, the Tableau of omics data. BigOmics Analytics is a spin-off of the University of Lugano and the Institute of Oncology Research.

I ntelliseq AI : Michał Delijewski CEO

Intelliseq is a dynamically growing biomedical company specializing in the fields of genomics and bioinformatics. Our mission is to accelerate the medical diagnostics by delivering a simple drop-in software solution for genome analysis.

Axom : Tristan Salomon CEO

We are supporting companies by helping them to integrate artificial intelligence into their processes. We define, realize the implementation and support the operations.

TagBio : Tom Covington CEO


Pangaea : Vibhor Gupta CEO

Pangaea provides a machine learning based software product to its customers from the Biopharmaceutical industry for faster identification of patient cohorts based on phenotypes (clinical characteristics) from electronic health record (EHR) data, which is critical for drug discovery, clinical trials and early diagnosis in the context of precision medicine. Pangaea’s approach is proven to be at least 50 times faster and 20% more accurate than alternative technical approaches which do not use machine learning and rely only on natural language processing (NLP) or keyword mapping between EHR data and terms such as ICD and SNOMED codes. Pangaea’s technology is based on the founders’ work over the last 20 years in industry and at Imperial College London and Stanford University. The company was founded in London by experienced founders, who have secured $250 million through their work over the last decade, which included two successful exits. Pangaea is advised by renowned scientific and technical experts from the Biopharmaceutical domain and based in the UK and San Francisco.

Exeon Analytics : Carola Hug COO

Our flagship product ExeonTrace uses machine learning and clustering algorithms to understand the activities in your corporate network and to identify and investigate malware infections and data breaches. ExeonTrace is easy and light-weight to deploy, as it analyzes existing network and event log data that can be loaded from Splunk, Elasticsearch or raw files.

Lunaphore : Andrea Buchler BDM

Lunaphore brings critical innovation in tissue analytics based on a breakthrough microfluidic technology. Lunaphore Solution is a complete tissue processing platform which can automate the most sophisticated tests used in cancer research (such as highly multiplexed immunofluorescence or in-situ sequencing), perform those assays up to 20x faster and enable direct digitalization for sequential data extraction.


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