CTDNA & Liquid Biopsy


Circulating Tumour DNA & Liquid Biopsy, Wednesday 4 December 2019


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Anne-Renee Hartman

Simultaneous multi-cancer detection and tissue of origin localization using targeted bisulfite sequencing of plasma cell-free DNA


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Dr Carl Barrett

Accelerating Drug Development Using CtDNA


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"Tissunomics" - how to integrate clinical and molecular data in tissue diagnostics
Santiago Ramon Y Cajal

Santiago Ramon Y Cajal, Chairman Of Pathology Department, Vall Dhebron Barcelona Hospital Campus

Commercial Diagnostic strategy in a changing diagnostic landscape
Jens Klabunde

Jens Klabunde, Diagnostics Strategy Leader, Personalized Healthcare, Roche

Epigenetics: drivers or passengers in transcription regulation and disease etiology
Rabih Murr

Rabih Murr, Group Leader, University of Geneva

How to integrate liquid biopsies into routine care
Alexandre Harle

Alexandre Harle, Assistant Professor, Institut de Cancérologie de Lorraine

Integrating Genomics into routine clinical trials
Sandra Mitrovic

Sandra Mitrovic, University Hospital of Basel

The present and the future of patient stratification for Immunotherapy
Philip Jermann

Philip Jermann, Head of Molecular Assay Development Unit, University Hospital Basel

The right tools for the job: which technology for my question?
Edward Oakeley

Edward Oakeley, Associate Director, Novartis


Networking Lunch

Circulating Tumour DNA & Liquid Biopsy

Circulating Tumour DNA & Liquid Biopsy

Marc Sultan
Circulating Tumour DNA & Liquid Biopsy

Chair's Remarks

Jo Vandesompele
Circulating Tumour DNA & Liquid Biopsy

The other nucleic acid: Enabling precision medicine through the study of RNA in liquid biopsies

Bernhard Polzer
Circulating Tumour DNA & Liquid Biopsy

Single cell applications in liquid biopsy


Networking Break

Valerie Taly
Circulating Tumour DNA & Liquid Biopsy

Chair's Remarks

Mike Makrigiorgos
Circulating Tumour DNA & Liquid Biopsy

Novel digital PCR and mutation enrichment technologies for detecting minimal residual disease and monitoring in liquid biopsies

Russell Garlick
Circulating Tumour DNA & Liquid Biopsy

Assessing and Improving ctDNA Assay Performance Through Standards and Collaborations

Catherine Alix Panabieres
Circulating Tumour DNA & Liquid Biopsy

Detection, Characterization and ex vivo Expansion of Viable Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs)


Afternoon Networking Break

Janet Jin
Circulating Tumour DNA & Liquid Biopsy

Chair's Remarks

Circulating Tumour DNA & Liquid Biopsy

Sponsor Presentation

Valerie Taly
Circulating Tumour DNA & Liquid Biopsy

Tracking circulating tumor DNA for cancer patient follow up

Circulating Tumour DNA & Liquid Biopsy

Sponsor Presentation

Michael Oellerich
Circulating Tumour DNA & Liquid Biopsy

Value proposition for advanced molecular diagnostics in non-small cell lung cancer

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Circulating Tumour DNA & Liquid Biopsy, Thursday 5 December 2019


Chair's Opening Remarks

Emmanuelle Di Tomaso

Developing Biomarkers for an NTRK Inhibitor in a tissue agnostic indication

Bruno Gomes

Challenges and Opportunities for Biomarkers in Early Clinical Development


Morning Refreshments

round tables


Best practice for analytical techniques to improve precision medicine
Markus Paulmichl

Markus Paulmichl, Chair Of Department Of Personalised Medicine, Humanomed

Computational drug repurposing in the time of ML/AI - where are we now?
Charles Roberts

Charles Roberts, Co Founder and Chief Partnership Officer, Freenome

Current technologies and future challenges in single cell research
Emilio Yanguez

Emilio Yanguez, NGS Scientist, Functional Genomics Center

From targeting tumor mutations to finding cancer predisposition genes: the other side of the coin
How can academics and industry work together to turn basic science into better patient outcomes
Christopher Peters

Christopher Peters, Clinical Senior Lecturer And Consultant Upper Gi And General Surgeon, Imperial College London

How can we obtain the maximum information from liquid biopsies and translate it to the clinic?
Lorena Dieguez

Lorena Dieguez, Group Head, Nano4Health Unit, International Iberian nanotechnology laboratory

Overcoming the challenges of implementing genomics in healthcare
Rolf Apweiler

Rolf Apweiler, Embl-Ebi Director, EMBL- EBI

Overcoming the challenges of precision medicine using a regional genomics programme
Angel Alonso Sanchez

Angel Alonso Sanchez, Director 1000 Navarra Genome Project, Navarrabiomed

Pre-clinical Biomarkers - overcoming the challenges of const belefit in genomic biomarker strategies
Tim Roloff

Tim Roloff, Lab Head, Genomics Platform, Idorsia Pharmaceuticals

Single Cell Analysis---Clinical purposes and methods: from dissociation to comprehensive analysis of single cells
Tumor evolution and clinical trajectories of prostate cancer. Targeting the root of the disease

Networking Lunch


Afternoon Refreshments


Afternoon Refreshments

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