Pawel Stocki | Reseach Director
Ossianix, Inc.

Pawel Stocki, Reseach Director, Ossianix, Inc.

Dr. Pawel Stocki is the Director of Research at Ossianix. At Ossianix we are utilising single domain shark antibody fragments to tackle the problem of therapeutic biologics delivery across Blood Brain Barrier. We focus on development and innovation of phage libraries and selection approaches, antibody engineering and optimisation for brain delivery in animal models. Prior to joining Ossianix, I was working at Medimmune on intracellular delivery of biologics. I also worked as Senior Scientist and managing Research Director at Psynova Neurotech, a biotech start-up at the University of Cambridge focused on biomarker discovery and validation for neurological indications.


Festival of Biologics Day 1 @ 14:00

Blood-Brain Barrier Delivery in Non-Human Primates by Single Domain VNAR Antibodies to TfR1

last published: 01/Jul/22 16:05 GMT

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